Frequently Asked

  • Q. What does the dance team do?

    The dance team performs innovative, high energy, choreographed dance routines to a wide variety of music during timeouts and quarter breaks at all Pelicans home games and make promotional appearances at local and regional events throughout the year.
  • Q. What is the time commitment involved?

    The dance team practices at least twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, for a minimum of 3 hours per practice. Practices are called on other days of the week as needed. There are 41+ home games that take place on weekdays and weekends as well as promotional appearances. A standard week usually requires at least an 18-hour commitment but could be much more based on the schedule.
  • Q. What other requirements are involved?

    Dance team members are to meet a minimum number of charitable and sponsor appearances throughout the season. They must keep a positive a mature attitude at all times and maintain their uniforms and accessories to the most professional standards. They must also have a reliable means of transportation.
  • Q. How many spots are available?

    All returning dance team members must audition each year. There are 20 available spots, but more or less may be chosen depending on the quality of talent.
  • Q. What are the judges looking for?

    The judges are looking for physically fit women who are outgoing, energetic and perform with a lot of personality. They are also looking for those who have the dance skills necessary to catch on to routines quickly and perform with precision. Ideal candidates are team players. They are well spoken, professional and hard working.
  • Q. Are the auditions open to the public?

    The entire audition process is closed to the public. Only applicants completing the necessary requirements to audition will be permitted to enter. New team members will be announced via at the conclusion of our finalist training camp
  • Q. Is there an age limit?

    You must be at least 18 years old to audition but there is not an age cap.
  • Q. Is dance experience required?

    You are not required to have any professional dance/cheer training or experience in order to audition; however those with dance training will likely be better prepared for the audition process.
  • Q. Are there any height and/or weight requirements?

    All applicants who fulfill the age, attire and application requirements will be permitted to audition, however judges will be looking for dancers in top physical condition.
  • Q. How are the Dancers compensated?

    Dance Team members are paid per game, practices and for promotional/charity appearances.
  • Q. Is there an audition fee?

    There is no fee required to audition

For more information on the Pelicans dance team or this year’s auditions, please email your questions to