Gayle Benson Makes Keynote Speech at Girl Scouts Event

February 24, 2013

Gayle Benson, wife of New Orleans Hornets owner Tom Benson, was on hand at Nicholls State University on Saturday morning, Feb. 23, to give the keynote speech for “It’s Your Story – Tell It!” Day.

Hosted by the Girl Scouts Council of East Louisiana, the inaugural edition of the event included girls from grades 4-12 learning new ways to understand their potential. The girls were treated to an entire day of activities and workshops designed to help them learn in fun and interactive ways.

Thirty-four Girl Scout troops from as far away as Slidell were on hand to listen to the Hornets’ and Saints’ “First Lady” give her words of advice. The speaking started with an introduction from Girl Scouts and Nicholls State personnel, before they handed over the stage to Benson. Benson spoke for approximately 15 minutes, giving advice to nearly 100 girls about how to be kinder and more understanding of people. Benson encouraged the scouts to be kind, courteous and to smile often, and gave advice on how the girls can achieve success through self-confidence.

“Never allow others to make you feel inferior,” Benson said. “Identify the large-scale goals you want to achieve… define what would be a distraction from reaching your goals.”

Benson’s words resonated with the group, children and adults alike, and were received with warm applause and gratitude.

Benson left the Girl Scouts with this final thought: “People will not remember what you said, but how you made them feel. Be kind to everyone.”

Following her speech, Benson handed out Hornets goodie bags to select scouts who answered a question correctly, and gave each person in attendance a Hornets bracelet.

The Girl Scouts Council of East Louisiana was established in April of 2008 and oversees the quality of Girl Scout Troops in 23 parishes.