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Postgame report: From the Thunder locker room

Thunder coach Scott Brooks
On the team's second half performance
“It was anybody’s ball game headed into halftime. We had to come out in the second half with a better defense stand, and I thought we played great defense. I liked our effort throughout the game. Everyone gave a good defensive effort. Their speed was hard to contain but we did a good job tonight.”

On Serge Ibake’s performance
“We challenge Serge Ibake to play consistent every night. So now we expect him to play with that kind of consistency night in and night out. I thought he played great on both sides of the ball tonight. Overall we had a good night on both sides of the ball.”

Thunder guard Derek Fisher
On guarding Ryan Anderson
“I think we did a good job of recognizing where Ryan Anderson is every time down (the court). He’s such a great quick shooter. Our guards did a great job of getting to him. We just kept him out on the perimeter and contested some of their shots. We’ve got to build on it (the win) and try to get better from it.”

On how you slowed down the Pelicans offense
“It freezes them up a little bit when you see five of six seconds left on the clock. You’ve got to make a quick move. I think that is what all good defensive teams do is (force their opponents) to make quick decisions. Once we were able to do that, we got to contest (their shots) and get rebounds. We could’ve done a better job in the rebound area, but I thought that overall (we played well).”

On creating separation in the second half
“I felt that in the third quarter, that first group (of ours) did an excellent job of continuing to establish a really good defensive tone and got some separation in the game. It was never really a home run type of situation. It was just methodically getting a defensive stop. In that fourth quarter, I thought that it was important that the group that was out there, we did the same thing. They (Pelicans) made a couple of shots and cut it to eight or nine at one point, but we responded every time. I thought that it was a very good team win for us.”

Thunder forward Kevin Durant
On the win
“We did a great job of putting our pressure on them.”