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Postgame report: From the Thunder locker room

Thunder coach Scott Brooks
On the game tonight
“We didn’t do a good job of stopping the basketball in the 2nd half. Tyreke (Evans) got to the paint too many times, he got to the free throw line too many times – I think 11 times in the 2nd half. We fouled them early and put him (Evans) on the free throw line. They got in the bonus too early. We didn’t play well. Give them credit. They came out and played hard. They have guys banged up, but the coaching staff has done a good job all year. They’ve had injuries all year, but they still fight. They should have won the last game, or had a chance to win in Houston, and tonight they won. They won because they played better than us.”

On Tyreke Evans’ game
“We tried many guys on him, he just got around us. He was getting around us and he got some calls in the 2nd half. He’s an aggressive player. He’s a very good player. Give him credit, he had a career night. We have to do better. We didn’t do a good job of guarding him. It starts with our team defense. We don’t focus on one guy scoring points, we focus on them scoring points…and they had their way in that 2nd half on us.”

Thunder forward Caron Butler
On the loss
“They won the game because they play for Monty Williams. They played hard and played the right way. You have to give them credit. Our defense wasn’t strong enough tonight and they played good enough to win.”

On the play of Tyreke Evans
“They did a great job of disguising their offense. And he is excellent at finishing at the rim. You have to give him credit.”

Thunder forward Kevin Durant
On the loss
“I’m not making any excuses, they just beat us. They got whatever they wanted on the offensive end, and it felt like we were just out of it. We missed shots, we kept fighting, but they kept pushing and we just couldn’t catch up. We know that once a team has injuries, other guys will try hard and step up to show that they can play.”

On the play of Tyreke Evans
“He just got to the rim. He was playing one-on-one. We have to try to help each other out a little more than we did. We just have to do a better job.”