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Postgame report: From the Spurs locker room

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich
On Parker’s impact with Duncan fouling out
"Tony was just spectacular and it was more his defense than his offense. He really got into those guys, Roberts especially, in the second half. He did a fantastic job getting over it and getting in front of him, making his shots tough. Just a fantastic job."

"On offense he ran it for us. Either he tried to score for us or he got it to people. Timmy hammered through the third quarter. He was struggling but in the third quarter he was great. Manu struggled during the game but in the fourth quarter he came through. The Big Three were the Big Three, even though they had to struggle for a long time. And Tony was spectacular."

On Parker’s final field goal
"That's just absolute force of will. He was going to get it done, come Hell or high water. He just willed that son-of-a-gun into the net."

On Boris Diaw's defense on AD
"Anthony didn't get anything done in that fourth quarter because Boris played him really, really well. I've got to give them credit. They're injured but Monty's got them playing hard every single night. It's a good win and we're thrilled to get out of here with a win."

On being forced to call timeouts on final out of bounds plays
"That's the way Monty played when he was a player and that's the way he coaches. There's a toughness there. There's an edge, no give-in. It doesn't matter who's hurt. Whoever's playing has got to pay and they're in a tough spot right now. He's got them playing at a high level and doing everything they can to win games. It's nice to see because a lot of teams just give in. His team doesn't do that."

Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard
On the performance of the night
“Everybody is a NBA player for a reason. We came in here with a defensive mind set to get going, and let the offense take care of itself. We played great tonight sharing the ball and hitting shots when we needed to.”

On the depth of the team
“We know that our team is ready to handle any situation that comes up. Coach (Gregg Popovich) has prepared us, and taught us the next man up mentality and our guys listen to him and step up when the time comes.”

Spurs guard Tony Parker
On the final minutes of the game
“Yeah I was just trying to be aggressive. I was in attack mode. When I saw (Tim) Duncan go out I knew I had to step up and make a big shot at the end of the game.”

On the effort of the Pelicans
“They made it hard on us. We were in survival mode in the first half. They got a big lead on us, but we fought back. They play with a lot of energy and you have to give them credit. It was hard to get that one.”