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Postgame report: From the Kings locker room

Kings Coach Mike Malone
On what went wrong

“It’s the same problem every night. We need to get some better plays and we need to get better at defending the basketball, because tonight we couldn’t.”

On the high amount of turnovers

“We had 22 turnovers, which gave them 29 points. We gave up 36 points in the fourth quarter. We’re a bad basketball team, that’s the bottom line. We’re a bad basketball team right now.”

On Tyreke Evans

“He got wherever he wanted to go. He got 25 points, 12 assists, and got to the foul line at will. Nobody could keep him in front of them and that’s how he gets to the rim. We can’t defend without fouling. If our guys didn’t think he would try to come into this arena and get off, then I question their IQ. He played here and he’s going to come here and try to show everybody what we’re missing, which he did.”

When asked how the game fell apart

“We had some decent stretches tonight, but every time that we tried to build the lead then we would turn the ball over. We can’t make an entry pass to the wing. We turned the ball over after a timeout. Rudy Gay had six turnovers, DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, and Marcus Thornton had four each. We’re not that good where we can give teams 22 extra possessions, I’ll tell you that much. I don’t know if we can beat them if we give them zero extra possessions, but when we give the other team 22 for 29 points, that’s what happens.”

When asked his thoughts on why Rudy Gay had a tough game

“Maybe fatigue. He played four games in five nights and had a long flight home. But I’m not big on excuses. He played bad. He wasn’t the only one, we had a lot of guys that didn’t do very well tonight. I can’t get over it, giving up 36 points (in the fourth quarter) — do you know how hard that is? That is embarrassing. I don’t know if anybody in that locker room is embarrassed, but I am.”

Kings guard Isaiah Thomas

“In the fourth quarter obviously; Coach said they scored 36 points in the fourth quarter. But the whole game even though it was a close game we didn’t get over the hump on the things we wanted to do, like keep Tyreke (Evans) out of the paint. We kept turning the ball over; I’ll take the blame for that. And then we just didn’t get stops. There were a lot of areas but turning the ball over, giving them 29 points – you’re not going to win against anybody doing that.”

On Tyreke Evans

“We just didn’t do what we wrote on the board. You want to make a guy like that shoot jumpers, not live in the paint, that’s what he’s great at. We just fed into what he was doing; we definitely didn’t stop him. We’ve got to know, he’s a guy that’s been here for four or five years, he was going to try to come in and have a great game, and he did.”

When asked why they were unable to make Tyreke just shoot jumpers

“First of all we didn’t get stops and then we just didn’t execute the scout (report). We were going over his pick and rolls which you want to go under, little things like that. We didn’t dial in on that end of the floor and he made every play – he scored, he passed, he did what he wanted. (Anthony) Davis had a good game; (Eric) Gordon had a good game until he got hurt.”

Marcus Thornton

When asked if Coach voices his frustrations after the game

“Yeah, obviously a disappointing loss. We all wanted to win this game, go into Christmas break feeling good about ourselves for the next games we’ve got coming up. It’s going to be tough so it’s a disappointing loss.”

When asked where he saw this game go wrong

“I wouldn’t say it was the fourth quarter. I would say we kind of played up to their speed – we were trading baskets for the longest time instead of getting stops and extending the lead. So that gave them a lot of confidence in the fourth quarter to be able to say they can pull the game off.”

When asked if it was weird going against Tyreke

“Yeah it was, being that he’s been here since I’ve been here it was kind of weird. But at the end of the day we’re trying to win a game.”