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Postgame report: From the Rockets locker room

Rockets Coach Kevin McHale
On the final minutes of the game
“Tyreke (Evans) got a couple down-hills on us. We missed a few shots. We didn’t execute very well down the stretch.”

On playing three starters
“I wanted to get them time. I wanted to see, they were double teaming Dwight (Howard) and I wanted to let him play out of double teams, pitch it out, let him play make from the post some, so we were doing that.”

On how Dwight Howard’s play worked out
“Good. Our guys didn’t get in the right spots sometimes and they had to come over and help a few times. Tonight was a game, win or lose, we weren’t going to change in the standings. So we played a bunch a guys that we hadn’t played before. Josh (Powell) got some time and it’s time to get some guys comfortable.”

Rockets Forward Terrence Jones
On how it feels to go back to the playoffs
“It feels good. I’m confident in our team right now. I’m just hoping for the best right now. I’m excited and prepared, and ready to get these playoffs started.”

Rockets Forward/Center Dwight Howard
On how they played tonight
“We didn’t want to go out there and injure ourselves before what’s ahead. That was the biggest thing. Pat (Beverley) and I felt that we needed a little more conditioning, that’s the biggest reason we played tonight.”

On the way the Pelicans defended
“I thought it was good, it’s good they double teamed so our guys could hit the spots and play out the double team. You never know what you’ll see in the playoffs so this was good. My focus was getting the ball out of the double team and to the right person.”