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Postgame report: From the Suns locker room

Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek
On ability to enjoy the win
“Not really. I’m going to get yelled at by my wife because she wanted a blowout so that we didn’t have to worry about anything.”

On if the win was important
“Yes. They’re all can’t lose at this point and we didn’t play very well. We got off to a decent start, but part of that was they were missing shots and then we had to battle for it. We told the guys. I don’t know how to break it. It seems to be a tendency of ours. When star players go out for other teams that we just kind of go through the motions and try to win games and that’s when you got to have a little killer instinct and we didn’t have that tonight.”

On Eric Bledsoe’s performance in the second-half verses the first-half
“Well you know he’s very good at being able to get through pick-and-rolls. He’s very quick. He’s strong so he doesn’t get bumped off a lot. And then he was making some shots. He was more aggressive. In the first-half he was kind of timid. He wasn’t pushing the ball up the court. Second-half, he pushed it up better, he got a couple pull-ups that got him going. But you know, that’s what he does. He makes big plays for us and we needed that.”

Suns Forward Miles Plumlee
On being on the floor during the final minutes of the game
“They run a lot of ball screens and I’m confident in my ball screen defense and communicating with the guys. We just kind of anchored things in and got stops and some easy scores off of pick-and-rolls. We were flowing and that’s how we got the win.”

On the shot clock violation called late in the game (on Pelicans guard Austin Rivers)
“I knew it was late in the shot clock. I wanted him to try and think he was going to make a layup, but I knew I was going to get up there and make it tough for him. It just worked out.”

Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic
On the significance of the win
“It’s a big spot for the playoffs. Every game counts now with four games left. Sometimes for us when the best players are out it’s tougher for us, I don’t know why, but we started well tonight. We didn’t play our defense in the middle of the game, they were shooting well and penetrating. But we came back and I’m really happy we were able to figure out those things.”

On his game-tying jumper to tie the game at 87 following guard Eric Bledsoe’s steal
“Those kind of plays get you in any game. Eric Bledsoe’s play, getting the steal, was a big play in the game. From that steal we went in transition and we scored. It was great recognition from him and he’s a huge factor for this team.”