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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Coach Monty Williams
On the first game back home
“That’s a big game anytime that you come off of a long road trip. That first game back is where you have sluggish play and lack of execution. The first quarter we weren’t great. We closed out the first half a little bit better. We had some contributions from guys that really helped us. Anthony Morrow was really good. Jeff (Withey) was great. Greg Stiemsma was really good, and I thought that he did a good job of keeping his composure when (O.J.) Mayo took a swing at him. Obviously, Tyreke (Evans), AD (Anthony Davis), and Eric (Gordon) were really good tonight. It’s a big win for us. Any win is a big win for us.”

On losing the lead in the second half, but gaining it back
“They took the lead after we had the lead then they took it. That is usually when we get rattled and can’t recover. That was the same situation that you had against Sacramento. I thought that our guys were really poised in the huddle at the timeout and came out and made some shots. We got a bunch of stops. I think that it was a minute and forty-seven seconds left in the third (quarter) and they (the Bucks) didn’t score for the rest of the quarter. That helped us when we took a one point lead and we were able to knock down some shots and play better defense.”

Pelicans Guard Anthony Morrow
On how he improved in the 4th quarter
“Yeah, I needed to bring it. I challenged myself to bring it. I tried to do it defensively first and it carries over into the offense so that’s something that we’re getting used to doing. It’s working for me and it’s working for the team.”

On what Tyreke Evans has added to the starting line-up
“He’s such a great challenger so he can do whatever, but I think he’s more locked in now than he’s ever been in his career. Being out there with me as well, stretching the floor and making plays, he’s not just a scorer, he can rebound, he can pass, he’s a triple threat right now and I think he can be an All-Star one day.”

Pelicans Forward Tyreke Evans
On the key to winning the game
“Just staying focused and to stay with the game plan. We knew they were going to make a run, we just needed to keep them off the line. Just sticking with our game plan.”

On how big this win was and what it means to the fans
“It was big. We had a tough road trip and we had a win in L.A. We want to make the fans here at home happy and win as many games as possible for them.”