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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Coach Monty Williams
On not calling a foul on Ellis on Rivers’ three-point FG attempt at the end of the game
“That’s just too bad. That’s just not right. If we stopped it with .5 on the clock, and Monta Ellis’ arm is across Austin’s – both of his arms for a three-point shot. It’s hard to swallow that kind of no-call in a game like that, especially when Dirk [Nowitzki] gets the same call on the right side in the first half. That’s a tough one. Then they shot I think 45 free throws. So, it’s hard to swallow that. Certainly not going to blame the game on the refs, but certainly didn’t like that call at the end.”

How difficult is it for such a young team to convert a three-point shot in that situation – needing to go the length of the court - with no timeouts remaining?
“Yeah, it’s tough. We wanted B-Rob (Roberts) with the ball and they denied him the ball. With him not getting the ball Austin [Rivers] got a little out of sorts. That’s not his fault. But, he tried to get a shot off. But, like I said I felt like he got fouled. If you look at the film – I hope the league takes a look at that – it certainly looked like a foul to me.”

On the way you played the second half
“Yeah, we have a bit of a goal for this team. We basically have a new team now, and we want to be better in two weeks. So, it’s going to take us going after it like we did today against a really good team that’s probably going to be in the playoffs. We’ve got to go after it the way that we did. We make a lot of mistakes. We had a 2-point lead, we took some tough shots, and then I think we had three turnovers in a row and it really put us in a hole. They were able to capture the lead. I love the way we competed tonight, but that’s what you should do. I’m not going to pat anybody on the back for competing. That’s what you should you every single night.”

Pelicans guard Eric Gordon
On Monta Ellis game since coming to Dallas
“He is playmaking a little bit more instead of just mainly scoring. That’s what his game was. Now he is doing a little bit of playmaking. He is playmaking off of Dirk and some of these other guys that are good shooters like Jose Calderon.”

On how tough it is to defend the Mavs shooters
“It is tough. You just have to guard the three-point line on them. They have very good three-point shooters and you have to close out on them.”

Pelicans guard Austin Rivers
On the last play of the game
“We drew up a play. I was supposed to give it to Brian Roberts and set a screen on AD and flair. He would either have AD or me for a three. He just denied so I brought it up. It wasn’t that much time on the clock so I just tried to come off the pick but they were hedging so I went back. I tried to get a shot off….ya’ll know what happen. That’s all I can really say. The video speaks for itself. If you watch the video I think you will get an idea of what happen.”

On not being able to attempt a last second shot
“I couldn’t get the shot off. I’ve never, ever had something like that…I can’t really comment on it. I’m not trying to lose any money over this. An unfortunate event happened. It happens in basketball. We made mistakes down the stretch and you can’t put the game in the hands of somebody else so it’s not the referees fault.”