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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Coach Monty Williams
On what this loss could be attributed to
“It’s a team thing. It’s easy to point fingers at the guys who were in those situations tonight, but I thought our team defense really struggled. We couldn’t keep the ball in front of us, especially in the 4th quarter. We played three good quarters and then in the 4th, the ball just kept going by us and by us, and when you’re not scoring on top of that, we missed a lot of shots in the 4th quarter. It’s like a double whammy. Tonight was a night that we felt bad about losing, but certainly the way we lost: not being able to do what we’ve done for the past three weeks.”

On Tony Parker’s performance
“He (Tony Parker) was at the rim and we didn’t want to give up threes. In a perfect world, you would like to stop him from even getting close to the paint. His speed and their screening on B-Rob (Brian Roberts) and Austin (Rivers) was pretty good tonight. Yes, he’s a good player, but we have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. That’s what we talked about before the game, but we just didn’t do a good job tonight.”

Pelicans center Alexis Ajinca
On Tim Duncan
“He is a hall of famer so you have a lot of skills to stop. Sometimes you’re just trying to have him not get and-ones so you just try to stay in his way to make him miss. He is a hell of a player so sometimes he is just going to make the tough shots and that’s what happened. He just made tough shots being who he is.”

On why he thinks they weren’t able to stop Tim Duncan
“They went at him every single play so it was kind of tough, especially since he did a great job in the first half, so we knew they were going to go at him again. He would make one and they’d go at him again, and then you are trying to not foul him and he’s getting the and-one and he is just really tough to stop. A lot of teams have a problem stopping him, so that is one of the big keys.”

On his comfort level with this team
“I feel very comfortable. I’ve been with this team a little more than a month now so I’ve gotten used to the plays and what the coach wants. I am here and with the team for a while so I am just going to get more comfortable on the court, and having more touches is great too.”

Pelicans guard Anthony Morrow
On the game tonight
“From a team standpoint, it was just obviously in the third quarter Tony Parker got it going and we didn’t corral him enough when he got in the paint and he made a lot of plays. I think we played really hard and I think the game plan was good, but he (Parker) just made more plays down the stretch. They are a good team. They are going to execute and we knew they were going to make a run. We definitely have to get in tomorrow and get back to work and watch film and correct the mistakes.”

On the difference in the third and fourth quarters
“They kept coming at us. At halftime, any team you have down like that, they are world champions, so they are going to come back and fight. Obviously, they played very hard and they have hall of famers, so there is a lot we can learn from the game. We don’t have any moral victories, we just take it as we lost the game. Like I said, we have to fix the mistakes and get back to work.”