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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Coach Monty Williams
On the defense failing to anticipate the next play
“It boils down to guarding the ball. If you can keep the ball in front of you you’re not reacting or responding. We dealt with that, but they had the same issue. That is why you give up that amount of threes. We both gave up 19 three-point attempts so everybody has that issue. It is difficult to guard the ball one-on-one because of the rules, but you are right we have to do a better job of anticipating where that ball is going to go next. It’s a natural basketball reaction when somebody drives the ball you just want to go help them and it bit us a little bit tonight. The same thing happened to them at the end of the game, they reacted, Eric (Gordon) gets a wide open look, and it goes down and comes out. If we make the shot, they’re asking them the same questions. This game is cruel. It’s a cruel game.”

On offensively getting stagnant in focusing on outside shots and keeping the ball in the same area of the court
“It can happen at times. It’s easy to say all that stuff right now and until I look at the film I can’t figure that out. There were a few times where if we would have moved the ball to the other side, (Anthony) Morrow was open a couple times and we just didn’t find him. We do a pretty good job of pick and roll and going to the other side. That kind of stuff is not why we lost. We lost the game because we gave up threes and we had some possessions where we missed open shots. We had two open looks down the stretch to win the game. We had a couple of turnovers that can’t happen. The one inbounds play where we give up a layup to Klay Thompson, all that is stuff you can’t have. I thought the charge on Tyreke (Evans) I don’t know about that, that is a tough call. All of those bad plays just added up tonight.”

Pelicans guard Eric Gordon
On the final play of the game
“Yeah, it didn’t fall for me tonight. We ran the same play like we did last game where I knocked down the shot. Same play, same shot, and it just didn’t fall for me tonight.”

On anything in the second half that stood out
“They’re a very high powered offensive team. With them I think you have to beat them on the offensive end and I think that would help us. That is the way this game has to be played. The more we score, it’s going to be harder for them defensively and it gives us a boost on defense when we score and really break them down. That is what happened in the third quarter, we were scoring in so many ways and next thing you know they weren’t scoring and they just kept feeling like they were broken down.”

Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday
On the loss and the near come-back win
“We have a lot of heart. That hurt though, and I don’t know anybody on this team wants to go out there and have a game like that as a team. It was a tough game against the Spurs, but we wanted to come here and protect our house. It was a team effort, obviously we don’t want to disappoint ourselves or disappoint Coach. Coming out in the second half, I think we cut the deficit pretty quick.”

On nearly winning on a last-second three-pointer
“I think at that point it’s just a matter of pride. We obviously had a disappointing game last game, so we were coming in here and trying to fight and give ourselves the best chance to win. Defensively and offensively I think we executed very well, and at the end of the day we got the shot we wanted. They missed and we got the rebound and went down. (Anthony Davis) came and set the screen. The defense sagged off of me and I drove. I don’t know what they were doing on the backside, but Eric (Gordon) was wide open in the corner. It was kind of like the game before where Eric was wide open to knock down the three to win the game. For a moment there, I thought it was déjà vu, but this time it literally went in and came out.”