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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Coach Monty Williams
On tonight’s performance
“I thought our first five minutes of the game was pretty sloppy. After the timeout, all of our guys knew what we needed to do. Obviously, the second quarter was the type of quarter you dream about from a defensive standpoint. Our rim protection with Greg Stiemsma and Anthony Davis was unreal.”

On Anthony Davis
“Everybody keeps talking about (the All-Star game) and should he be an all-star, I mean, all you have to do is look at tonight. Show me other bigs who are doing it on both ends like he does every single night. I’m really thankful I have a chance to coach someone like him.”

On Anthony Davis’ hand injury
“He dislocated his finger tonight. (We) pulled it out and he said ‘Tape it up, I’m going right back.’ That, to me, says more about him than any number or stat that he could put up. His heart and his willingness to do whatever it takes for his team is why he’s an all-star in my opinion.”

On the Cavaliers
“They missed some shots. (Dion Waiters) came in and hit some shots and they kind of went cold. It’s easy to say our defense stopped them tonight, but I think they just missed shots too. They have a number of guys who can put the ball in the hole. I don’t know of anybody who can stop Kyrie Irving. When he misses a shot, it’s because he missed it.”

Pelicans guard Eric Gordon
On tonight’s performance
“We put a lot of things together. We played good, solid defense. We were making good plays and we were all attacking the rim. We just made good plays without turning over the ball.”

On three-game winning streak
“It feels good. It shows that we’re getting better and improving.”

On Anthony Davis
“You have to use his talents. His talents are catching and shooting, putting the ball on the floor and isolations. He’s going to keep expanding his game.”

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis
On building the lead
“We played defense. We’re a defensive team and we can’t allow 29 points in a quarter. We came out the rest of the game and made sure we defended, got transition buckets and ran the floor.”

On All-Star consideration
“It’s cool. I hear it, but I’m trying to win a game. I’m just trying to get better each and every day. If it happens, I’ll be more than grateful and more than excited to be able to play.”