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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On the game
“It just feels good to get a win. Like I told our guys, you can’t get wins like this if you don’t have big-time character and tough guys in your locker room. The way we battled tonight says a lot about our assistant coaches and those guys. They just rally around each other. Even when things were starting to look like same old, same old, we had a few guys – A.D. [Anthony Davis] and Tyreke [Evans] in general, B-Rob [Brian Roberts] – those guys stepped up and said, ‘Not tonight.’ Obviously, the ball bounced our way a couple times, they missed some shots. It just feels good to get a win. For me, it’s all about [Sacramento] and the preparation has already started for that but I want our guys to enjoy it.”

On grabbing the lead
“One time out of a timeout we ran a crazy play for A.D. [Anthony Davis] to curl and he gets a dunk. That to me is the kind of basketball that we have to play. We can go into a timeout after a team has made a run, and come out of the timeout and get exactly what we want by going to the basket. Now we can set our defense. I thought that was a signature play for us. It was done by A.D., and he’s carrying so much weight right now for him to be able to make play after play - like the jumpshot he made on the baseline, that was a huge. I thought Jeff [Withey] coming in tonight was a huge lift for us. His defense, he didn’t block as many shots as it seemed, but he was distracting a lot of shots tonight and that was huge for us.”

On Zach Randolph in the fourth quarter
“To be honest, I just didn’t think he got as many touches. I’d love to say we formulated this great plan against him, but I think he had 19 in the third. Their best offense was him just pushing us out of the way and getting offensive rebounds. I don’t know, I have to look at the film, I’m not sure if it was us or if he just didn’t get the ball as much in the fourth quarter.”

“He’s a throwback. Most of the power forwards in the league want to shoot jumpshots and hang around the three-point line. Guys like Zach are the kind of guys that you relish when you don’t have them. When you do have them, you take them for granted. He’s a guy that can pass out of the post and draw double-teams, and get it done with a double-double every single night. I coached him; I know the value of having him. I just think he’s one of the underrated players in the post in the NBA.”

Pelicans center Alexis Ajinca
On the game
“We are happy with our win. We just have to go back to work because we have another one tomorrow. What we want to do is get two in a row. We got this one and we will enjoy this one tonight. Then we will get another one tomorrow.”

On playing next to Jeff Withey on the court
“It’s good. Both of us come from the bench to bring energy. Sometimes it’s good to have both of us on the court. It helps the teams sometimes. It was great.”

Pelicans guard Eric Gordon
On the game
“We were scoring in bunches, here and there. We were doing well offensively. I think defensively we did pretty well. We knew they always go down to Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Randolph had a big game. They both did, but they both didn’t take over the game like they usually do. We just played really good defense. We tried to attack them on offense to make them help. Our bigs did a pretty good job. It’s been a tough time these past few weeks. We knew we were getting close to winning games. We were just trying to figure it out. It’s really good to get this win and have this one carry over for us.”

On Anthony Davis
“He was really big for us down the stretch. He had Zach Randolph guarding him. I thought that was a matchup where I thought it would tough for him to guard Anthony. He took advantage.”