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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
“Obviously we didn't play well but I'll take the hit on this one because I thought our game plan was too difficult for our guys tonight. We came up with some different schemes to try and take Love out in pick and rolls, we just gave up too much in dribble penetration. That's on me; I've got to keep the game plan more simple than I did against a team like Minnesota with some veteran players who know how to make you pay if you make a mistake. Obviously we have to play a lot better than how we played tonight. A lot of it you can blame it on youth, you can blame it on whatever you want to but we just didn't come out and play with the passion that we did against Portland."

Was that defensive adjustment due to how good Love is?
“I thought we might be ready after what we did against Portland, the way we've been playing in practice I thought we might be ready for some of the advanced schemes on defense. We just were not and that's on me, no one can take credit for that kind of production except the head coach and I'll do that every single time when I see our guys that confused on the floor. Midway through the game I turned to Randy (Ayers) and said this is too complicated for them."

On their 16 turnovers in the 1st half
“No, the 15 free throws for them is hard to swallow too. We had a ton of turnovers and we've had high turnover games but our defense has been so good that we were able to overcome it but how many free throws did they have in the 1st quarter and 24 in the 1st half? Either we have to go to the basket a lot harder and take advantage of our ability to do so but this is getting old with the free throws."

Pelicans guard Tyreke Evans
“It was tough. We went over this in shootaround on how we wanted to play these guys. Trying to go in on Rubio. We weren’t use to the defense and it kind of messed us up a little bit. And they got in the paint and when they got in the paint they made us scramble and they got whatever they wanted whether it was a three or Kevin Love ducking in, Pekovic or Rubio getting a layup. Once they got in the paint it kind of messed us up. We didn’t do a good job at stopping the ball.”

On the turnovers
“What they like to do is they like to gamble, reach for the ball. We knew that was going to happen we just didn’t capitalize on playing the game. Turnovers hurt us.”

On the rest of the road trip
“Definitely, we definitely wanted to start out on a good start, we have been having a little trouble on the road especially with the West. This is only the beginning I think and it could have been a good win for us.”

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis
“Turn the ball over. It killed us. Can’t expect to win the game with turnovers.”

On dealing with Love and Pekovic
“We did a great job on the side but the guards would get in on the paint and we didn’t help with defense. It wasn’t so much Love and Pek. I think we did a good job on them keeping them off the board and fighting down low. Their guards getting in on our paint. We didn’t talk on defense. We can’t afford not to talk on defense, it’s not us it’s not what we do. We need to talk more, help our defense out.”

On home versus road consistency
“At home we do a great job talking. On the road it just seems like it disappears. We need to bring that same energy, the same effort on the road and make sure that we talk. We just have to make sure we do the same thing that we do at home on the road.''