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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On the Pelicans performance tonight
“We just didn’t go out there and play as hard as we had been playing. We had the same game plan against this team last week, and held them to eighty-five points. Now, you don’t expect to do that at home, but we just didn’t execute our game plan tonight. We got down, and as a young team, I think we let the offense, again, affect the defense. It just got too easy for them. They were scoring in seven, eight seconds tonight and we haven’t done that. We just didn’t play with the amount of force that we need to get a win on the road especially.”

On if he was surprised that the team did not respond to their previous loss
“It did. It did. We took yesterday off so that we could be fresh. We just didn’t respond to a day off the way that we would have expected. We have a chance tomorrow to respond to this, because they all feel bad, the coaches feel bad. We just have to play a lot better tomorrow.”

On the difference between Pelicans’ wins and losses
“It’s a great amount of effort and focus. We talked about their back door play, and their dribble to the baseline. They gave up two of those, that’s just a lack of focus, and you can’t just blame that on being young. A lot of that falls on my shoulders. I have to get the guys in the game. They’re going to compete for 48 minutes, and we did it just too late, but when you give up ninety points in three quarters, you’re not going to win games like that.”

On the Pelicans’ season so far
“We’ve been up and down. We’ve played some games like world beaters, and then we play games like tonight. That’s just part of bringing in this many new guys together. I have to find groups that are going to play well together. We’ve just been up and down, inconsistent.”

On the Jason Smith injury
“He just got hit. They wanted to check him out, maybe his neck, or his head or something like that.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis
On his performance this season
“I am better as a player and make my team better and get more wins in. It’s all about getting better each and every year individually and as a team. That’s what I have tried to do over the summer.”

On his team’s performance
“We have to do a better job at responding to teams especially if we know when they get us. We have to do a better job at playing hard for the whole 48 minutes and executing the offense. But other than that we are fine, it’s early in the season, but we still have to do a better job at executing.”

On his high personal stats
“Does not mean anything to me if we aren’t winning. All I care about is winning. If we win then I’m fine, but we’re not winning right now. All that sound good, but at the end of the day I want to win.”

Pelicans Guard Eric Gordon
On tonight’s game
“We definitely couldn’t get into the flow offensively in the first half. We couldn’t get our flow going. They had everything going. When they get into a lane they’re a dangerous team. They have guys who can drive and you just can’t play that game with them.”

On Lakers center Chris Kaman
“He is a guy if you throw it down to at any given time, he can score on that block. He is a little bit different player and he still has to find himself it looks like. When you throw it to him anytime on that block he will give you a chance to score.”

On his team’s performance this season
“It’s still early, the chemistry problems. You definitely want the best scoring. You definitely don’t want to see a team like us scoring under 100 points with the type of guys that we have. We definitely have to step up on defense.”