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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams:
On what comes to mind when looking at final stats:
“Any kind of passion and heart from the start of the game. I thought we kind of came out hoping that things would go our way and they didn’t. For whatever reason, it just didn’t happen until the second half. That gave us something to get excited about, the way we played in the second half. We still have to play better than that. But, our first half I think we allowed our offense to dictate the rest of the game and that’s not what we’ve been. We’ve just got to recognize who we are. Being a young team, we’ve got to play extremely hard, and much harder than we played tonight.”

On whether it’s a trap when shots aren’t following:
“Yes, for a young team it is. We saw that the other day when Indiana didn’t make shots, they just kept playing hard. We’ve got to recognize when you’re not making shots, going to the basket is key so you can get filed and go to the free throw line. We have to play with a sense of urgency on every possession.”

On whether the team did anything to turn things around:
“I thought Jrue (Holiday) did. Jrue (Holiday) just started being more aggressive. He’s got to understand the balance between running the team and making sure he stays aggressive with his shot, especially when guys aren’t playing as well. Let’s just face it, we’ve got a couple of guys that just aren’t playing that well, that played really well during preseason. Teams have raised their level since the regular season started. We’re going through a tough time right now, but I think it’s good for us so we can understand that we’ve got to play better.”

On sticking with their principles late in the game:
“No, it was the goal in the fourth quarter. We needed to put some stretches of good play together before we ended the game. That’s usually what you do when you’re getting blown out. You try to figure out a way to get your rhythm, not just caste the game away. That’s what we talked about in the huddle. We’ve got to put some good stretches of basketball together.”

On whether you’re glad to be playing the next day after a game like this:
“Yes, you are. But, to be honest with you I wish we had a day of practice because we need to get back to work. We’ll be a lot better tomorrow because we have character in our locker room.”

On whether the Magic did anything different defensively to their guards:
“No, we missed a lot of shots. I don’t know what our percentages were in the paint tonight, but we missed a number. Tyreke (Evans) was 0 for 7. He usually doesn’t miss shots in the paint. We shot 34 percent. We had 92 attempts. You’ve got to make shots. We had our chances. They had 70 attempts. We had 22 more attempts at the basket. We didn’t make shots.”

Pelicans Guard Eric Gordon:
“It was tough. They just worked hard. They out-worked us and were knocking down shots. We just could never get into the flow throughout the game. There was no rhythm. We just need to come together and just worry about tomorrow. We just have to go out there and play hard tomorrow.”

On the Magic run in second quarter to pull away:
“It was a combination of a lot of things both offensively and defensively. We just didn’t mesh tonight. It just didn’t work out for us.”

“They run their same plays. We all know that they are an athletic team. We just weren’t playing that smart. We should have just played better.”

On fellow Hoosier Oladipo:
“I love his game. He is always going to work hard and he brings a different energy to their team. He is a good player and it is good to see him keep on striving to get better. I know him very well. I played against him in the summers at IU, so I know how good he can be.”

Pelicans Guard Anthony Morrow:
“It was a combination of things. Energy level being one…obviously we didn’t make shots today but we aren’t going to make shots every day. We have to be able to defend and we were on our heels a lot tonight. We have to come back tomorrow so this game is behind us. They raised their level up and it is just something we have to put a chip on our shoulders for tomorrow.”

“It is like that sometimes. Offensive teams don’t always score every single night. They did a decent job defensively.”

“We had an opportunity to come out here tonight and get a big win after the Indiana loss and we didn’t get it done.”

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday:
“There are some games where you just miss shots. I think we had been shooting the ball well. We just missed shots and they came out hitting. It kind of messes up your rhythm when you try and go to the basket and you are missing, or you have wide open shots that you usually make, and you don’t make them. You start thinking about it a little bit.”

On his offensive spurt in 3rd quarter:
“I guess when it came to the third quarter I just felt like I was being too passive in the first half. Maybe if I would have come out and been more aggressive we would have been out to a better start. In the third quarter they were kind of giving me that little floater and that 16 foot jump shot so I started taking it.”

“We have a game tomorrow so we need to put this one behind us. I am going into my fifth season now and we had seasons where we had back-to-backs, and you just have to get over it. You can’t dwell on anything here. Guys are going to work hard, come in and learn and try and get better every day.”

“I think we are still all learning each other. It is a process in becoming a good team. It is a process in becoming a great team. I think everybody works so hard and is so dedicated. I really hope to get there.”