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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room


Pelicans Coach Monty Williams:

"It’s a great teaching tape for us as we grow as a team. We’ve been preaching the value of the basketball and tonight we saw when you play against the best team in the NBA you can’t have the kinds of mistakes we had with the ball. When you turn the ball over 20-plus times and you only get 66 shots, it’s tough to beat a team like that. It’s certainly a great teaching opportunity for us. It comes at a really great time.”

On how much of the loss can be blamed on team mistakes:
“A lot of it. A lot of our passes tonight weren’t crisp. That comes from a lack of being familiar with your teammate and where they’re going to be. Sometimes I thought we passed to space as opposed to passing to a guy that was open, or we passed as a second option as opposed to passing right away when the guy’s open. To me, it’s a number of things. One is just basketball and two is not knowing who you’re playing with and understanding that that team will make you pay if you do that.”

Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson:

"We can’t turn balls over like that. They obviously have handled situations like this all the time. They have been in championship quality games all the time. For us, we can’t turn the ball over like that. Obviously we know they can shoot the ball really well. They got a lot of open shots and they made them, but the key was turnovers.”

On turnovers and improving moving forward:
“We just turned the ball over. We turned the ball over 24 times. You can’t do that against the Miami Heat. It’s a learning point and we have to work on a few things. They showed us a defense that we really haven’t seen this preseason. It’s a great learning point for us. We’re going to get in the gym and work on some stuff.”

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis:

"They got open shots; they hit a lot of threes and got some baskets. Each time we turned the ball over they executed. Ray Allen hit two or three threes in a row. We gave up offensive rebounds. That’s something we can’t do, we can’t allow that. We have to block out defensively and be ready for that type of situation.”

On whether this game will help improve the team moving forward:
“Yes, but the fact of the matter remains that we turned the ball over. We know that when we lock it down defensively and limit our turnovers, we are capable of beating anyone. That goes for any team. We have a great chance to be a great team this year, but we have to continue to work. It’s not just going to be given to us. We’ve done a great job so far, but we have to continue to get better.”