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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams:
On the win:
“Happy about the win. It’s so hard to get wins in this league and I don’t take that for granted. I know that we can play like that with that kind of energy. We have raised the bar at practice and need to keep working because we’re not good enough to just walk out there and think we’re going to win games.”

On defense:
“Love our defensive numbers tonight. We held them to 37%, 84 points, and had 18 blocked shots.”

On Holiday:
“Holiday sets the tone for us. He is able to guard the ball 90 plus feet every night which gives us the right energy because it all starts on the defensive end.”

On Anthony:
“He’s doing it every single night, but I still think that he can be better. I want him to attack the basket more and when he knocks down a jump shot to be able to read his counters and be able to read when two people come which one is open and where they are going to be. Obviously I love the points and the rebounds, but he’s only scratching the surface as to where he’s going to be as he gets stronger and learns how to draw more fouls.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis:
On his hustle:
“I’m going to do everything my team needs me to do to win. If it’s me diving on the floor or jumping in the stands in order to save a ball and get an easy transition bucket, then that’s what I’m going to do. We have to have that mentality to win games.”

On setting a strong defensive tone:
“We tried to lock down defensively. Last night, we didn’t play well defensively at all. We wanted to show that when we play good defense, we’re a tough team to beat. When they came to the rim, we contested everything. We have to do a better job with the pick and roll, but with better communication, that will come. We know we had to come in and get this win. It wasn’t even about Charlotte tonight, it was more about us. We had to get back to playing Pelican basketball.”

Pelicans Center Greg Stiemsma:
On the defensive play:
“We haven’t changed anything, really. It was just opportunities tonight. We stuck to what we do well and we executed well tonight. We feed off our defense. When we’re playing well defensively, it really gets our offense going.”

On the motivation:
“We took it on ourselves. This being a younger group, not a ton of years of experience, we knew what we had to do tonight. We knew we had to come back and prove that we are a better team than what we had been playing as. We wanted to come back to the home court and play well and finish a game.”