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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On tonight’s game
“Just a bad game from the start, we didn’t have enough to overcome. They were playing badly; we were playing not so well. We just weren’t hungry enough tonight for whatever reason to start the game and we couldn’t dig ourselves out of that hole. We kind of got it back at halftime, but on the road you can’t afford that, especially when you’re undermanned. I love Jrue’s [Holiday] fight though, I really do. Him and Ryan [Anderson] may take tough shots at times, but they just compete and fight the whole game. We have to get all five guys doing that from the start, and that’s on me. I have to get guys thinking that way to start the game and understanding we have to have guys playing at optimum level when you have Greg [Stiemsma] and AD [Anthony Davis] and Tyreke [Evans] out, but I love the way we fought in the second half, just didn’t have enough to get back.”

On feeling that the team was never out of the game
“I feel that way every time I step out on the court to coach because I understand the game and I try to get our guys to understand it. It can change at any moment when teams are knocking down shots, but it won’t if you don’t compete the way that you need to. I didn’t think we competed collectively, like I said. We had a few guys out there going after it. I thought we had a couple guys feeling sorry for themselves for whatever reason, referees calls, or balls not going in the basket is part of the game. In this game you have to fight, you never know when it can change, and I thought our second unit came in, in the second half and competed and had a big quarter in the fourth. We have to get that right for tomorrow and understand what kind of juice we have to have to start the game.”

On if opposing teams have a pattern of how to play them
“No, because we haven’t had our full team yet. When you don’t have Anthony [Davis], you don’t have Greg [Stiesma], Tyreke [Evans], and then Ryan, we’ve missed some key guys all of the season. It’s hard to make an assessment of who we are. We had one lineup that we really like to have on the floor, we’ve had that maybe seven or eight games and it looked really good, we just haven’t had it for long stretches so we can see what we are and then other teams can make their assessments and we can figure out how teams are going to guard us.”

Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson
On the loss
“It was just a tough game. Another one of those where they just had a little more energy than us. Obviously on the defensive end, we didn’t play the defense that we needed to play. It was just a tough night and we weren’t hitting shots on the other end.”

On why the team struggled
“We know we need to play differently. It’s hard to put one specific reason on it but I just can’t think of anything other than our defense. Our defense just runs everything for this team. It gives us fastbreak opportunities and we didn’t have a ton of those where we converted and finished. And that is because we weren’t getting a ton of defensive stops. We just have to play better defense and tonight was just one of those nights again. We know we can play better and we will.”

Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday
On his summary of the game tonight
“It was just one of those games. They came down hitting. It’s kind of tough, especially when Steph (Curry) is shooting so well. They have a lot of scorers, especially when he is getting into the paint and making a lot of nice passes. They need him to play that way to have a chance to win every night. I think defensively we did okay but they hit a lot of shots and things were going their way.”

On playing the Warriors
“This is the NBA. It’s the league. Every night you have somebody new and they bring something different. It’s just a different challenge.”

On how difficult it is to stop the Warriors when they get on a roll
“When they are hitting shots they are tough to stop. Their guys can make shots in multiple ways. There is David Lee, Steph and Klay (Thompson), Dre (Iguodala) – you can go down the line. They were hitting shots and they played pretty well.”

On the Warriors' play tonight compared to what they saw on film
“I think they were knocking down a lot of shots. I think Dre brings another dynamic to the team where Steph doesn’t have to handle the ball so much. Nobody really has to. Dre can bring the ball down and facilitate and can definitely get Steph and Klay a lot more shots.”

On the difference between running this team vs. running the Philadelphia team
“I can be more of a playmaker. I don’t have to score as much here. Obviously we have some injuries - and that is probably when I need to pick up my scoring - but I think that is the difference.”