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Postgame report: From the Pelicans locker room

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On tonight’s loss
“I wouldn’t put the game in a nutshell as it relates to the second half. I think some of the things that happened to us started in the first half. We just got outworked tonight. We were minus 20 on the boards. Anytime you do that against a team on their home floor you’re going to find yourself in a tough spot. They had 19 turnovers and we didn’t take advantage of that because we gave them so many extra possessions. If they are plus 20 on the boards and they have 19 turnovers they still feel like they’re golden because they’ve done so many things well rebounding the ball. We just didn’t have the same juice tonight that we’ve had. We had a lot of guys miss shots. We had a lot of open looks we just didn’t make those shots. We just didn’t have the type of juice that you need to have on the road to win a game. I thought the three before halftime really took some life out of us because it would’ve been really nice to go into halftime with a three point lead as opposed to being tied.”

On what the Nuggets did offensively
“They made a point of getting to the basket or throwing it inside and attacking us at the rim. We settled for a lot of jump shots and anytime you do that in this altitude with the ball bouncing the way it does here, you set yourself up for fast breaks or you just have bad floor balance headed back on defense.”

On the foul trouble
“I thought the bigger issue was when Jrue (Holiday) picked up his fourth foul. That really hurt us. He’s out there guarding the ball full court and to pick up that foul really hurt us. I’m not blaming the referees. I just didn’t think that was the kind of foul that you call, especially as hard as he plays. It was a physical game to begin with. Foul trouble, it is what it is. You game plan for that and guys have to come into the game ready to play.”

Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday
On missed shots
“We got the shots we wanted, I thought a lot of our shots rimmed in and out. It deflates our energy. The Nuggets got a lot offensive rebounds.”

On the offensive rhythm tonight
“I had a bad game, sometimes it ends up being like that. I tried penetrating to make something happen but they just played good defense.”

On moving forward to the next game
“There are a lot of games left. This is a big road trip; we have another opponent coming up who are pretty good. It’s a basketball game we have to focus on that and move forward.”

Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson
On tonight’s performance
“They just outworked us in the second half and they just had more energy than us, they really picked up the pace. We had shots, but we just went cold. The challenge for us was when we missed, they would get a fast break opportunity and that is a fast break team. We had a cold stretch that hurt us but it still means we have to run back and play good defense, we just didn’t have it in the second half. ”

On missed opportunities
“We took a lot of shots we could have made but there are guys on this team that will knock those shots down ninety percent of the time. We just missed a lot of shots, it happens, but at the same time that doesn’t mean we get outworked.”