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Postgame report: From the Mavericks locker room

Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle
On the win tonight
“It worked out well. Now, we’ve got to be ready to play tomorrow night. I thought we were ready tonight and our energy was good. The first three quarters were good, solid quarters. We had some let ups in the fourth, but we need to get out of here with a chance to get some rest for tomorrow.”

On the rebounding effort
“Dalambert played big. He didn’t play a lot of minutes tonight, but his energy and presence were high level. He brings rebounding and rim protection to another level when he’s rested and energetic. It’s good to have him back and playing like this, and we’re going to need him back tomorrow night the same way.”

On the play of Jae Crowder
“Jae played a solid game and was asked to guard a lot of their good players. He hasn’t done great as a starter, but tonight it was time for him to step up and be ready to give us the kind of game he did. We needed it.”

Mavericks center Samuel Dalambert
On bringing energy in his return
“We have been having some terrible games. The energy level wasn’t there (recently). I put it upon myself that when I get in the game, I have to bring that energy and try to help the other guys to bring some energy so that we can compete at the level that we are supposed to compete.”

On if he feels like he has to build trust again with his teammates
“I think that the level of trust is always there from my teammates. I never had any problem. I just try to get back on the floor and be able to give back.”

Mavericks guard Monta Ellis
On rebounding with a good win tonight
“It’s always good to come back with a win. We got a win and we feel good. We’ve got another one tomorrow. We’ll see if we can come out with another one.”

On if the offense is clicking again
“We took advantage of the defense and how they were playing. Me and Jose (Calderon) were more aggressive and attacking the basket and making plays. We came out with a win.”