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Postgame report: From the Clippers locker room

Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers
On tonight's game
“We played pretty flat and maybe this was the day that the trip caught to us. I don't know. It just felt like we were flat in the first half. I just thought [DeAndre Jordan] just single-handedly kept us in with his defense and his rebounding and everything else. You have nights like this and it's nice to win on a night like this and that's good for us.”

On the play of DeAndre Jordan
“You know he's just going after things now. He's aggressive with it. I think he understands his role to the point where he accepts it and loves it. He embraces it and he's a star in it. He's become a star in his role and we need him to be a shot blocker, rebounder, and a defender. What has shown is that he's still going to score by doing all of that stuff and he had 14 points because of it.”

On DeAndre Jordan’s improving role
“It makes him who he is. He did it two years ago in my opinion, and then he got a little away from it a little bit last year. And now he's back at it and he's better at it because of more years in the league. And he's smarter and I just needed him to be who he is to be better for the team.”

On attributing DeAndre’s improvements
“I think he's just grown. It's not me. I don't want to take any credit. [DeAndre Jordan] had to decide on his own, I can ask him. He had to embrace it. When you look at our team and you look at the weapons on our team, he had to look at where he would make his biggest impact, and his biggest impact is doing all the other stuff.”

On playing against his son, Austin Rivers
“I actually didn't like it. I've said it before, you know, going against other people you like, but going against your own son, it's no fun for you. When he has the ball as a parent you're like, 'don't get hurt, don't make a mistake, but turn the ball over.' It's just tough. I don't get a lot of enjoyment out of it, but I thought I would. Like last year when we played and the game started, I didn't like it. I don't know what parent is going to cheer against his own kid.”

Clippers guard Chris Paul
On DeAndre’s overall performance
“Outstanding. 5 block shots, 14 points, 20 rebounds is no question, MVP of the night. We don't win this game without his effort. We were a little sluggish tonight. You would expect that against the [San Antonio] Spurs game, but it seemed like it caught up with us tonight. He just kept telling us 'come on fellas' and we fed off that. I love when [DeAndre Jordan] is the cornerstone of our defense. He rolls, he gets everybody open on the offensive end. I tell you we should be seeing him in New Orleans come February [All-Star Game] if he keeps playing like that.”

On team contribution
“For me, Blake [Griffin] and DJ [DeAndre Jordan]—we're the cornerstone of the team. It was DJ [DeAndre Jordan] tonight. Blake [Griffin] brought it, (I didn't bring it early) but luckily we have guys like Darren Collison, Jamal Crawford, and guys who can pick it up on a nights like this. There's going to be night like this, but you still have to win them.”

On DeAndre [Jordan]’s defensive intensity
“He's playing so hard, we've got to help him. He's playing such great defense every night that at times, his man is scoring. He helps us all night long, so we have to find ways to help him. That's what we try to get across to [DeAndre Jordan] too is, a lot of the stuff he does doesn't show up on the stat sheet. What does show up is wins, and he's a huge part of that.”

Clippers forward Blake Griffin
On DeAndre’s newfound confidence
“I think it's just the confidence the coaching staff instills in him. Everyone's going to embrace their role I think, but he's doing a really good job… getting rebounds, blocking shots, altering shots, etc. It's unbelievable.”

On strong team effort
“When everybody's doing their individual job that's when you have a collective team effort, whether shots are going in or not. You're doing the job defensively to win games and that's what we have to do.”

On defensive impact
“I think we leaned on our defense at times when we needed it. We allowed our defense to get us into offense. There was a stretch tonight where we missed a lot of shots, didn't make as many, but we stayed in the game and maintained our lead because of our defense.”

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan
On his personal improvement
“I said earlier that he gave me a challenge this summer. It's fun to take on that challenge that he gave me, and all of our assistant coaches are all great teachers and I'm just learning every day and every game, and just trying to improve.”

On his defensive play
“Just playing the role he wants me to play—trying to be the best defender that I can be for our team, and if that happens, then it happens; but I'm taking on the challenge. It's definitely a goal of mine. I don't want to win it just one time, I want to win it multiple times. It's a process, and I'm taking the steps to become a better defensive player.”

Words from Coach Doc Rivers
“[Doc Rivers] said he wants me to be the leader and the anchor of our defense, and he really meant that. And on offense he just wanted me to run, spread, and get good buckets, set picks for guys, and help guys get open shots. That's what I've been doing, and I'm just trying to improve every day. Anything that he asks of me, I'm going to work my butt off to try and make it happen.”

Clippers guard Jamal Crawford
On tonight’s game
“At first, it's about being consistent. We have to look at a game like a big game because against other teams, we are big games. For us, I think we have to continue to move forward. It's a long season… [There are going] to be highs and lows and sometimes you have to generate your own energy and we did that tonight.”

On their record this season
“We're playing pretty well. Like coach [Doc Rivers] said, there's still have another level or two getting guys back healthy. Continuing to get better at what we do. Continue to cover for each other but we are on the right path.”

On becoming a starter
“I feel very comfortable. Hopefully it can ease some burdens for some guys; especially like Chris [Paul], Blake [Griffin] and DJ [DeAndre Jordan]. For us, hopefully, it's looking to make it easier.”

Clippers forward Jared Dudley
On their performance tonight
“I think we are learning. You can tell it's been a couple months that we have been playing; chemistry [has] been up and down but I think the groove defensively has been a lot better. The shots with CP [Chris Paul] and Blake [Griffin], no shot in the soft, no two pointers and then us role players try to feed off them.”

Clippers guard Willie Green
On tonight’s game
“A win is a win. We definitely take it. We knew we got a lot of improvement, makes it heavy but still a good win.”

On DeAndre Jordan’s rebounding
“DJ [DeAndre Jordan] was awesome. Big time rebounds, big time rebounder; he's really the anchor of our defense. DJ [DeAndre Jordan] is talking on defense, blocking shots, coming over helping guys in rebounding. It just makes us a better team.”

On the execution in tonight’s game
“Everything triggers off of defense. We can play good sound defense, make guys take contested two's and contested tough shots; we can get out and run and play the good pace that we want to play at.”