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Postgame report: From the Rockets locker room

Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale
On the game
“We didn't shoot it well. I know at one time, I looked up, I thought we were 2 for 19 from the three point line. It felt like they made every three. They were 10 for 22. It was just a game...Chandler (Parsons) got a big offensive rebound and Jeremy (Lin) hit a big three. James (Harden) hit a big three. We found a way to win but it was another in a long line of games that feel like you are pulling teeth.”

On confidence shooting the ball
“What we do is we either pump fake and pump fake ourself covered or pump fake and travel. We started turning down shots and traveling. That's the worst thing. If you throw it up we might get an offensive rebound. Chandler got one late (an offensive rebound) that was huge for us. We got to shoot those shots. If we were open we don't want to take contested three's but we want to take open three's. We want to take good three's with ball movement.”

On the team making plays
“Terrence (Jones) had a huge play on the rebound coast to coast that kind of got the crowd back into it. Jeremy (Lin) hit a three after that. We started getting some mo-jo going after that. I felt like all game, honestly from the first half, we chart deflections and usually our deflections... if we are really active, we had five deflections at the half. That's a season low for us. We weren't getting any hands on any balls. The ball was going where it wanted to go. Our defense felt like we weren't dictating at all. They (Pelicans) were dictating to us.”

On James Harden's fourth quarter play
“He had that big three on the left slot. That was a big three for us. We ran a little play that we run and he set a really good pick and came off hard and got open and I was really glad. That's what seemed to bust the lid for everybody.”

Rockets forward Chandler Parsons
On the win
“We just kept playing. Guys didn't get frustrated. Guys didn't get down on each other. We just kept moving the ball and we really stepped up on the defensive end because in the last four minutes we needed to get stops and we locked in and we got it done. It was another game kind of like Memphis. It wasn't pretty and it was a grind out kind of game and we pulled it out at the end.”

On the point he started to feel the momentum go in the Rockets direction
“Throughout the whole game there was no doubt in my mind that we were going to win the game. In the first half it seemed like we had no energy. We weren't making good plays. We weren't doing anything hustle wise to get us going. We were so stagnant they (Pelicans) are the type of team where if you let them hang around they are capable of beating you. We knew that in the back of our mind. We knew they were going to go on runs.”

Rockets guard Jeremy Lin
On the play of first three quarters
“It's definitely not the ideal plan or ideal strategy. I'm thankful that Coach McHale let me keep going. I was able to finally get a little bit of rhythm in the last two games. I have to do a much, much better job and be more aggressive in the first three quarters.”

On the Rockets finishing games
“The last two games have been really ugly games, really tough games for us. I do think these are character wins but I wouldn't want to play like we did the first three quarters but some nights it is going to be like that. We just need to make sure it's not like that every night.”

Rockets center Dwight Howard
On New Orleans defense on him in the post
“We talked about it earlier at shoot around, what they were going to do on defense. Really, I just tried to play out of the double team. When they doubled I tried to make the good play and when they didn't double I tried to make the better play for myself. I just tried to read the defense. They gave me different looks. They came baseline a couple of times. They jabbed a lot so I just tried to do my best to find my teammates to get them open.”

On the Rockets making plays to get the win
“I thought we did an excellent job. We knew coming into this game that they ( Pelicans) were going to play extremely hard. That's one thing we talked about at shoot around and at half time, how hard this team plays. We pulled out a close one.”

Rockets guard James Harden
On the fourth quarter
“It was winning time. I was struggling the first three quarters and couldn't find the rhythm, when my teammates needed me the most. We got the ball moving and Jeremy made a couple of good threes. Chandler (had) a good put back and then Dwight got an And-1. Everybody picked up the intensity a little bit.”

On his mentality on the way he played in the fourth quarter
“That's what I'm here for, just to be a play maker and finish games off. Obviously they (shots) are not going to go in every time but take the big shots and make them and have confidence in my abilities.”

Rockets forward Terrence Jones
On the win
“We fought in the fourth quarter. We hung in there and we focused in on defense and got stops when we needed to to get the win.”

On the Rockets playing better as a team
“I think we are just finding the right chemistry and guys having the will to win and just doing the little things to help down the stretch, no matter how they are playing the rest of the quarter. That win is so important and I think guys did that today.”