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Postgame report: From the Warriors locker room

Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson
On tonight's game
“We really needed it and more importantly we need to plan our brand of basketball which we did. Offensively, defensively and we took care of the basketball. Guys that had been struggling began to play exceptionally well. I thought we established a rhythm and it was a big win for us to get back to who we truly are.”

On Andre Iguodala's first game back from injury
“He’s a guy that makes it so much easier with his ability to make plays, read and react. We missed him and we are glad to have him back. It was also a carryover effect because other guys began to read, react and make plays so it was a big time win for us. He does a lot of things on the floor that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.”

On defending Ryan Anderson
“They do such a good job with misdirection plays and pick-and-pops that force you to make a decision and (Ryan ) Anderson is a guy that hurts you with his ability to shoot the basketball so putting Andre (Iguodala) gave us an opportunity to at least play the pick-and-roll and trust that he would get to the shooter and so did Harrison (Barnes) Draymond (Green) and everybody we put on him. That was one of the key ways that they hurt you. We knew coming in that we had to play top notch pick-and-roll defense.”

On getting off to a fast start
“The guys understand exactly what we have been lacking and why we haven’t been playing well. I have got guys that care and have just been in a funk. They guys care about each other and it was get back to where we are. It was great to defend, execute and take care of the basketball. We are not concerned about where or who we play becuase if we play the type of game that we are accustomed, we will be just fine. Tonight was a great step forward.”

On Andre Iguodala's minutes
“Tonight I wanted to get him in at five minute bursts.”

Warriors guard Stephen Curry
On the practice session following the loss in Phoenix
“We went through some live drills and went back to communicating and figuring out what effort it would take to get us out of this hole. One win is good, but we need to put forth another good effort on Thursday to keep the momentum.”

On trying to keep up the good habits
“We need to come out with energy and effort to start games. We are a good team when we have the lead so we need to figure out a way to separate from teams early, especially at home, so we can put ourselves in a better position to not have to work so hard and try and get over the hump.”

On getting Andre Iguodala back
“He brings our depth back. Guys can get back to their roles. The way that he runs the floor, plays defense he can get open shots and make plays. He’s great for us our depth, and our bench and hopefully we can get our rotation right so we can know what to expect every game.”

Warriors forward Andre Iguodala
On how he felt in his first game back from injury
“I’m kind of protecting myself but I’m getting closer and closer. I still feel effective. I still see things on the court. I still feel like I’m able to let my presence be felt on the game.”

On improving assist to turnover ratio
“Well just seeing a few holes we had, assist to turnover ratio hasn’t been too good the last couple weeks. We wanted to get back to where we were high in assists and low in turnovers, or at least just high in assists. It starts by good possessions offensively and in turn it helps us get back in transition and not give up too many easy baskets or let teams get a rhythm. So our defense was set the majority of the night and we had a good game plan to try to stop their shooters, so it worked well for us.”

Warriors forward David Lee
On Coach Jackson saying tonight was his best game this season
“Yeah, I guess you could say that. I just try to take these things one game at a time and try to do the best that I can. I thought that tonight was pretty good I’ll get excited to play even better on Thursday.”

On playing better
“I was out for blood. No, I am honest when I say I don’t read any of the positive or the negative stuff. I just know from my own point that I want to be playing better than I am playing, and as a team we want to be better than we’ve been these past five or six games. It was good to get Andre back tonight. It was good to be a little deeper at all positions and I think the biggest thing is that we came out tonight and played with a kind of intensity that we’ve been lacking these previous games. Coach challenged us last game; you saw as well as I did with his postgame comments, the same thing he said to us after the game. I just tried to come out tonight and be a leader, try to lead with intensity, and let the rest take care of itself.”

On Iguodala's impact
“First of all, defensively, he’s a very strong defender. But offensively I think he’s another guy that really moves the ball and is unselfish offensively, and as you know, when we are at our best is when everybody on the floor is effective; when we are moving the ball, when the ball doesn’t stop, and getting great shots instead of settling for decent ones.”

On the team responding to Coach Jackson's challenge
“This team was challenged by our coach and we knew that this was a game we needed to have. We had a good practice yesterday and we just tried to put the last few games behind us, the way we’ve struggled. We had a good one tonight and hopefully that can carry over to the upcoming schedule.”