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Postgame report: From the Nuggets locker room

Nuggets Head Coach Brian Shaw
On the slow starts in the past and the cause
“Tonight I thought our energy was better to start the game. We had guys that a couple of times ran in to each other, just kind of buzzard luck. Can’t kill anything, won’t let anything die. There’s another way of saying it but I can’t say it out loud. We had another ball or two that they shot bounce all the way over the backboard and go back in. One of the things that held us in the first half as well, we were perfect from the line, eight for eight and that was better. They [the team] concentrated on that after having missed ten free throws in the last game Friday night against Utah. So all in all it was a little better effort and I told them that if we want any chance winning against Oklahoma City, we’re going to have to do a lot better in every area to even have a chance to win that game.”

On keeping Nate Robinson in the game tonight
“His energy was good. Randy (Foye) got clipped a couple of times trying to fight over screens. [He] rolled his ankle a little bit and so I just wanted to stay with Nate (Robinson) at that point. He had kind of started to get it going a little bit offensively attacking the basket; like I said he had good energy. Defensively he was talking to our guys and so I just rolled with him down the stretch and I felt I could do that because we had a ten point lead, so I just wanted to milk it and let those guys stay in as long as we could hold on to that lead.”

Nuggets guard Nate Robinson
On recording two blocked shots tonight
“I had on my Dikembe Mutombo and Shaquille O’Neal—I’m on my old school swag. I told the guards to watch out, I’m blocking shots. I just really try to take pride in my defense, I told the fans I have a Napoleon complex when guys try to post me up, so I really try to use my strength and my jumping ability to try and block shots if I can. If not, just try to disrupt his shot or make him pass it. Tonight I got two good blocks and hopefully I’ll get some more.”

On the teams defense in the second half
“Just to be scrappy—we knew we aren’t going to lock anybody up and not let them score because this is the NBA and everybody is great at what they do. Ryan Anderson does a great job of picking and popping and making tough shots. Jrue Holiday does a good job of penetrating, (Al-Farouq) Aminu is always crashing the boards—they have scrappy guys just like we do. We just had to take the challenge tonight and win our matchups and I think every guy did that tonight.”

Nuggets forward J.J. Hickson
On what the key was to getting the win tonight
“Our defense—I don’t know what they shot in the second half, but it couldn’t have been that high. We just wanted to contest all their shots and make all their shots tough and I think that we did that.”

On how they were able to matchup with a talented New Orleans team
“We’re deep at every position, so whatever group is in there coach feels like they can get it done, and throughout the season we have been getting the job done late in games. This game didn’t come down to the wire but we started to get that mentality of putting our foot on a team’s neck.”

On if he likes getting the crowd into games with his dunk
“I know the type of player that I am, I’m effective at the rim—I like to finish at the rim. Our guards do a great job of spoon feeding me and making my job easy.”