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Postgame report: From the Bobcats locker room

Bobcats Coach Steve Clifford:
On the bench playing well:
“They played at a much higher energy level than the other guys did. They put a lot more into the game. We played poorly because we had no readiness and we played with very little effort. Ultimately that is my responsibility, but also on the road, we have to have guys get ready to play on the second night of back-to-backs.”

On the key thing that needs to be fixed before the next game:
“I think it is more of an overall thing where you have to learn, which is where we are at, is you have to learn, A, how to play on the road. B, you have to be ready to play back-to-backs. That is where you start. It is not like a generic thing. Those are, to me, tangible things that are important if you want to become a consistently good team in this league and that’s what we will have to learn how to do.”

Bobcats Forward Josh McRoberts:
On whether or not the team was “off” (having a bad game):
“Not really. Maybe they got the upper hand at the start and we weren’t able respond to it very well.”

On Coach Monty talking about how the Pelicans were embarrassed to play before the game
"I think they knew they had to step up their technique from the last game. They had a tough night against Indiana the other night. They came out ready to play and we weren’t able to match the intensity they brought to the court"

Bobcats Guard/Forward Gerald Henderson:
On tonight’s game:
“It was bad. We didn’t come out with the focus we needed. We didn’t come out ready to play. We made a lot of mistakes, especially at the start of the game. In order to play a good game everybody needs to come with the right mindset, and we weren’t able keep up with them tonight.”

On if the key to winning is about patterning and having a strategy:
“No you just need to come ready to play. There’s no numbers; we don’t watch a film of the game after this. We just have to know what we need to do when we come out to play. We all know what’s expected from us.”