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Postgame report: From the Celtics locker room

Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens
On their fourth-quarter shooting
“I thought we got really good looks for the most part; I really did. Now, we tried to go through their length a couple times on the interior, and probably not the greatest percentage shots, in that regard, but we had a number of corner threes, we were really looking to push it up the court and make plays, we didn’t play tentative – that was a different fourth quarter than we played here when we blew a couple of leads the last couple of weeks. I thought we were much more aggressive, and for whatever reason we didn’t make shots. And you know, that’s frustrating because I think that’s two nights in a row where I felt like we did a lot of good things other than that, and really, to me crediting New Orleans is the right thing to do because they hit three shots in a row that were big-time. (Anthony) Davis hit that left-handed hook, (Tyreke) Evans hit a contested challenged runner, and I’m missing – oh, and (Eric) Gordon banked one in. And, I mean, those shots were big shots that went in for them.”

Did he like the way Avery Bradley drove late (despite the miss)
“Yeah, I did. I did. And we went quick and we went aggressive and we had a chance to get the rebound if it bounces right. We got to the middle of the court; that’s pretty good. Now I think him either shooting a pull-up or maybe floating it up there may have a little bit more of a chance against that length, but I don’t fault him at all for that move. That was a good solid play.”

Was last play planned for Jared Sullinger
“We had a number of different things we were trying to do, but at the end of the day I thought – I just watched it again on film – New Orleans did a great job, they switched everything, and they had a line-up in that could switch everything. And Davis adds that element. Kind of like when we play (Brandon) Bass at the five, or Hump (Kris Humphries) there, a lot like when – who did we play a couple of weeks ago, Cleveland maybe? – when you need a three without any other timeouts and you can’t get a two, these guys were very disciplined in guarding the three-point line well. They defended it very well.”

What is the challenge in keeping morale high with tough losses
“Focusing on the right things, focusing on what you can control. Yea, it’s frustrating, three one-point losses in the last three weeks. So that’s a hard thing to swallow, but at the same time it’s not like they’re laying down. They’re coming out and competing and tonight they had every excuse in the book if they wanted to use it, and they didn’t. They played again. I’m disappointed we couldn’t get the win, but I’m proud of the way they played.”

On crunchtime play design/strong>
“Well, you look at – obviously we’ve got four guys out on the floor in Jordan (Crawford), Jared (Sullinger), Avery (Bradley), and Jeff (Green) that we’re going to try to have at least some spacing for and give them as options. And to be candid again, they guarded it really well, but it was designed for multiple options.”

Celtics Guard Avery Bradley
On how to approach the road trip
“All we can do is continue to focus on the next game and continue to stay positive.”

On the frustration from the losses
“Sometimes when you have a young team that can happen but we’re sticking together and Coach has been telling us that it’s fine, you know, we’ve got to stick as a team, and that’s our mindset.”

Celtics Forward Gerald Wallace
On the tough finishes at the Garden lately
“You can’t dwell on the past, we are headed on a five or six game road trip. We just got to try to figure out what’s the problem and move forward…We aren’t making shots when we were making shots, it was all good when we was making shots but now we have to rely on our defense to get stops. We can’t try to make that big shot in the last couple of seconds or trying to make that big shot.”

On the collision with Ryan Anderson
“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I didn’t see him; I don’t know what happened or what…I’ve been there. I’ve been on the floor two or three times in my career. I know the feeling. I know what he’s going through, the thought process, I mean I know the whole process of him laying on the floor waiting on a stretcher to come get you. So my whole thing was just the activity to see him fall, see him moving, and it’s the biggest precautionary reason but like I said, I’ve been in that situation more than one time, so I just want to make sure that he was fine…I couldn’t tell you, man (what happened.) I honestly don’t know. I didn’t even see him. We collided; I didn’t even know he was there. He said he was all right.”