Shootaround: vs. Magic

By: Jim Eichenhofer,, @Jim_Eichenhofer

Updates from Monday morning’s shootaround, as the Hornets prepared to host the Orlando Magic in an interconference matchup:

• Good news on the injury front. Anthony Davis (shoulder) will return to the lineup after missing the past two games. New Orleans head coach Monty Williams: “He’s playing. No minute restriction; not that I’ve heard. That could change this evening, but nothing that I’ve heard so far.”

• Williams said it’s possible 10-day contract signee Henry Sims could make his Hornets debut, but it may depend on the game situation. Sims is a 6-foot-10 forward/center. “The situation could dictate it,” Williams said of Sims appearing in the game. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I throw him out there. Just watching him in practice, he’s got a pretty active body, picks up stuff pretty quickly. So we’ll see.”

• Over the past few days, Williams has spent a considerable amount of time discussing the progress of some of the team’s young players. Williams on the next step in the progression for Al-Farouq Aminu: “Being consistent. That’s the big deal for any young guy, to be consistent in his energy, his effort. He’s got to become a consistent shooter, and that doesn’t at all mean (three-pointers). Any time you tell a guy he has to become a better shooter, they feel like they have to cast up 23-footers. That’s not the case. If he can become a consistent 18-foot jump-shooter and in, it helps our team a ton.”

• Williams on his take on Austin Rivers: “He’s gotten a lot better. His numbers would look a ton better if he shot his free throws a bit better. He’s better making decisions, he’s a better passer than I thought. Obviously as a young guy, he makes mistakes. I don’t know any young wing who can play weakside defense well in the NBA. It just bugs me that (national media) label him and rag on this guy. It’s weird, because they’re not in our practices and certainly don’t watch our games in-depth. Because if you watch our games, you can tell that guy is getting better.”

• Sure, Ryan Anderson is playing against his former team, but there seems to be very little resemblance to even the 2011-12 Magic for Anderson. “It doesn’t really seem like the same team," Anderson said. "Jameer (Nelson) is the only guy I played with that’s in that lineup right now that I can think of. It’s pretty crazy. It’s weird, yeah. Just from a year ago, the whole team is different. It doesn’t really feel like I’m playing the same team that I played on for three years.”