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Pregame report: Pelicans at Lakers

By: Jim Eichenhofer,, @Jim_Eichenhofer

Updates from the Staples Center prior to Tuesday’s Western Conference game between New Orleans and Los Angeles:

• Tyreke Evans (ankle) is a game-time decision for the Pelicans. He sat out the second half Sunday at Phoenix due to soreness in the ankle. Monty Williams on if the ankle injury has affected Evans since he returned for the final preseason game: “I don’t doubt that injuries can limit you. He’s more explosive at the rim than he’s been able to show.”

• If Evans is unable to play, Williams said, “Somebody’s got to step up. If he can’t go, we’ll see Austin (Rivers) playing a lot more minutes tonight.”

• Williams on the playing status tonight of the team’s new acquisitions: “We needed to take a look at a couple guys. Lord willing, we won’t need them in the game (Tuesday), but if we do, we’ll throw them out there.”

• Lou Amundson on re-joining New Orleans after playing for the team 18 games last season: “I’m just really excited to be back. I really enjoyed my brief time last season, being around Coach Monty (Williams). It’s a good, young group of guys, so I was excited to get that call.”

• Josh Childress on taking on a leadership role as a rare player in his 30s on the New Orleans roster: “I welcome it. I’ve experienced a lot over my career. I’ve seen a lot. Anywhere I can help some of these guys out, I’m all for it. One of the things (Williams) mentioned was that they would like some more veteran influence. But first and foremost, he’s all about winning. That’s what he made very clear. Veteran or not, you have to come in ready to work and ready to help the squad.”

• Asked specifically how soon he’ll be able to play for the Pelicans, Childress responded, “Who knows? It’s based on what (Williams) sees, whether it’s tonight, whether it’s a month (from now). I just have to stay ready and come out ready to work.”

• Williams on Ryan Anderson’s status: “We’ll find out tomorrow as we go through our stuff. We don’t know. I’d love to have him tonight.”