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Pregame report: Kings at Pelicans

By: Jim Eichenhofer,, @Jim_Eichenhofer

News and updates from the New Orleans Arena prior to Tuesday’s Western Conference game between Sacramento and New Orleans:

• Monty Williams on Monday’s win at Memphis: “It was just good to be able to win with our defense. Win, period. What we’ve been through has been really tough on our guys. They’ve continued to fight. When you win against a hot team like Memphis on their home floor, you get some confidence from that. The bottom line is it felt good to get a win.”

• Williams on whether there will be a role for today’s officially-announced acquisition, point guard Tyshawn Taylor: “It’s hard to say right now. In the next couple of days, I’ll have more to talk about as far as that trade is concerned. I’ve known about it for a couple days, but we’ll get more information… if there is a role to be played.” Taylor is not with the team tonight.

• On repeated occasions lately, Williams has said that he does not believe in calling other Western Conference coaches in an effort to campaign for Anthony Davis to be chosen as an All-Star. The results of coaches’ voting will be announced Jan. 30. “Hardly any of the coaches even listen to that stuff,” Williams said of stumping for a player. “What people do on the floor is the most important (thing). It’s not something that any of the coaches I’ve ever been around have ever done. I’ve been around (Gregg Popovich), Nate (McMillan), Doc (Rivers). Those guys never talked about that. What (Davis) has done on the floor speaks for itself.”

• Williams on why defense should be factored in heavily when choosing All-Stars: “Like I’ve said before, it’s All-Star, not Half-Star. Defense should get more credit. To me that means more than a guy who puts up great numbers on offense, but on defense he doesn’t do anything.”