The Pelican Blog 1-on-1: Trey Burke

By: Kyle Bass,

University of trey_burke_105x145.jpgMichigan point guard Trey Burke sat down with following his Friday workout at the Alario Center to discuss his outlook on the upcoming June 27 draft. Burke, the consensus 2013 National Player of the Year, led his Wolverines to the national championship game in his sophomore year before declaring for this summer’s NBA draft. Which players do you compare yourself to in the NBA in terms of your style of play?
Burke: I would say Chris Paul and Tony Parker, two smaller guards who can score but at the same time are great at distributing, getting teammates involved and know how to win. What areas of your game are you trying to improve or prove to scouts that they aren’t weaknesses?
Burke: My quickness. I’m just trying to continue to improve that pop in my game, that first step. I think I’m getting quicker. I think that’s something a lot of scouts are concerned about, along with pick-and-roll defense, but I think that’s another area that I’m getting better at. Who is your draft sleeper, a guy who is not getting much publicity right now but has a chance to be a very solid player in the NBA?
Burke: I would say Pierre Jackson. He’s kind of a guy that’s not getting a lot of attention. I’ve been a fan of his game during his time at Baylor and I think he had a phenomenal year during his senior year. I think he’s going to be a guy that’s going to be a sleeper, a guy that’s going to go somewhere and make an impact right away.  What do you know about the city of New Orleans and this organization
Burke: I know New Orleans is a traditional city and has a lot of citizens who are very prideful and strong New Orleans residents. It’s great to know that this city is pretty much like a family. After Katrina, everybody stuck together and it goes to show how strong this city is. I know the Pelicans are a very young team. That’s where I want to go. I want to go to a young team that has guys that are willing to win. I definitely think this would be a great start for my career.