Roger Mason Jr.
NBA Superlatives: Roger Mason

By: Jim Eichenhofer,, @Jim_Eichenhofer

New Orleans Hornets shooting guard Roger Mason has experienced the NBA from a number of different angles, having played for six teams, including four in the Eastern Conference (Chicago, Toronto, Washington, New York) and two in the West (San Antonio, New Orleans). With over 400 career games under his belt, Mason is significantly more experienced than any other Hornets player, excluding Hakim Warrick. The 32-year-old discussed a few of his opinions on the NBA with recently:

Most memorable moment in the NBA: “Making a game-winning shot on Christmas Day in 2008 for the Spurs in Phoenix. It was a special shot because of what was going on in my life. My mom had cancer, and that shot was something so positive for her. She eventually beat cancer. That was what made that moment even more special.”

Most memorable dunk in the NBA: “In the summer before my rookie year, I dunked on Juwan Howard and dislocated my shoulder. It’s memorable, because I had to get surgery. It happened at Michael Jordan’s gym, in front of Jordan. There were a lot of pros there in Chicago, including Antoine Walker and Jordan, to see it.”

Most embarrassing moment in the NBA: “I don’t know. I have a short memory.” [smiles]

Most surprising thing about the NBA as a rookie: “How physical the NBA is.”

Toughest player to face at his position: “Kevin Durant.”

Most underrated player in the NBA: “Andrea Bargnani of Toronto. He’s a skilled 7-footer, but he doesn’t really get the recognition. Maybe it’s because he’s in Toronto. Even though he was the No. 1 pick, he doesn’t get a lot of the hype that his game deserves. He’s a really good player.”

Best uniforms in the NBA (besides the Hornets’): “I like Brooklyn’s new black and white uniforms.”

Favorite road arena: “Madison Square Garden, because of the energy and the fans, especially when you’re a visiting player going against the Knicks. It’s a lot of fun.”

Favorite road trip, based on the city: “Going back home to Washington.”