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Pelicans forward Josh Childress warms up before a recent home game

Off the Court: Josh Childress


On a team with a wide array of new faces, Josh Childress is even more of a relative newcomer, signing with New Orleans on Nov. 12 while the team was on a road trip to his native Los Angeles. The 6-foot-8 forward sat down with recently to discuss his background and some of his interests away from basketball:

Best moment as an athlete: “When I was in college at Stanford, we had a win against Arizona that became an ESPN instant classic. It was a Saturday afternoon game. We were down five points with something like 15 seconds left and came back to win at the buzzer.” 
How he chose his uniform number of 8: “The number 8 biblically means a new beginning. I felt like that fit this situation for me. It came from the Bible.”
One thing fans may be surprised to know about him: “I am a master Boggle player.”
Favorite thing about New Orleans: “The people. They have been extremely nice and outgoing. It’s not something I’m necessarily used to. I’m from the West Coast. People are nice there, but people here go out of their way to be nice and cordial.”
Pregame ritual: “I go to chapel service before every game, no matter what.”
First job: “Working at a financial company during my senior year of high school, doing client research.”
Favorite athlete as a kid: “Scottie Pippen.”
What he’d be doing if he weren’t an NBA player: “I always dreamed of being a neurologist growing up. That was what I wanted to do. Then I kept growing, so I stayed with basketball.”
Closest friends currently playing on other NBA teams: “Zaza Pachulia of Milwaukee, Channing Frye of Phoenix and Marvin Williams of Utah. They are all guys I played with in Atlanta or Phoenix.”
Favorite type of music: “R&B. It used to be rap, but I’m getting a little older now. I’ve calmed down.” (smiles) 
Favorite TV show: “The only show I make sure I TiVo is 'Family Guy.'”
Favorite movie of all time: “Man on Fire.”
Favorite websites: “Any shoe website, like”