Eric Gordon flies in a for a first-half dunk against the Clippers
Ryan Anderson (33) and Anthony Davis shake hands during a recent home game
November 26, 2015
There are numbers for everything in today’s NBA. How accurate is a player on catch-and-shoot attempts from the left wing? We’ve got...
Pelicans pregame report
November 22, 2015
For most NBA teams, news of a lineup change would be reason to take note. The way the 2015-16 regular season has gone so far for the...
Pelicans pregame report
November 20, 2015
Roughly 90 minutes before tip-off of Friday’s nationally-televised game vs. San Antonio, Alvin Gentry reiterated what he said at this...
Tony Parker takes it to the rim against New Orleans in an April game
November 20, 2015
Finally, there’s some positive news on the health front for New Orleans.Not only did Alvin Gentry say Friday morning that...
Pelicans pregame report
November 18, 2015
OKLAHOMA CITY – When ESPN picked the Nov. 18 game between New Orleans and Oklahoma City for its national broadcast schedule, the...
Eric Gordon looks to fire a shot vs. Denver
Pelicans pregame report
November 13, 2015
TORONTO – Anthony Davis tried to put himself in position to play in Friday’s game vs. Toronto, but will miss a second straight game,...