All-Star Six-Game Pack

All-Star 6-Game Pack

The NEW All-Star 6-Game Pack is your opportunity to select any six remaining Pacers home games around your schedule. You can get the best games and best seats available at a savings over the premium game price. All-Star 6-Game Packs start at $72 plus tax and can be purchased below or by calling (317) 917-2827.

Features & Benefits

  • GET THE BEST GAMES These plans have the best games of the year including the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers, and many more.
  • BEST SEATS AVAILABLE You will get the best seats available for each game you select.
  • PRICE SAVINGS By purchasing this package, you will save money by not paying premium game prices.

Click on the button below to buy or call (317) 917-2827 today!