Paul George on Number Change: "Enjoy the Show"

In the video below, Paul George discusses the reasoning behind his decision to change his number from 24 to 13. He also touches on donating jerseys with his old number to his high school.

See below for video of George's comments and transcript of selected quotes on the topic.

Q. You're changing your number to 13. Can you talk about the reasons behind that. Of course, 13 is an unlucky number. Reggie Miller wore 31 because it was the opposite of bad luck.

A. I'll wear 13 to be the opposite of Reggie (laughing). I was going to change my number going in to my rookie year. I remember sitting in my car with the agent and we were discussing how PG-13 could be a good fit for my career, because I wasn't a household name. It would be something for fans to gravitate to. I was just superstitious about changing my number, being with 24 for as long as I can remember, and it's always been one of my favorite numbers and being a big Kobe fan growing up had a little to do with it. Two years ago I applied to change my number, then we had some bonehead kid (Miles Plumlee) come in and take 13 (laughing). Then when I had the opportunity to do so again we jumped on it. The whole thing behind PG-13 is coming into my own. I feel I'm at that stage where I'm ready to embrace everything that comes with being one of the young stars in this league. The whole thing is being able to enjoy the show and being fun to watch.

Q. What did it mean to give back to your alma mater? (George bought up 600-700 of his No. 24 jerseys and T-shirts and donated them to his high school and other organizations in his hometown of Palmdale, Calif.)

A. It meant a lot. I immediately thought about my high school and how big that would be. I've stayed connected with my teachers and my coach and even go back and play little games with the high school
kids there. What we did was buy all the old jerseys, all the old shirts and any apparel with my number
or me on it and donated it back to my high school and the Boys and Girls Club in Palmdale. I'm big on
my community and want to stay that way.