Paul George On Mom: "It Makes It Easy For Me To Fight"

In the video below, Paul George discusses how witnessing his mom's fight with health issues has helped give him inspiration as he faces his own physical challenges.

See below for video of George's comments and transcript of selected quotes on the topic.

Q. Has there been one person or one moment or one piece of advice that's fueling you to get past this even in your darkest moments?
A. All I can think about is family. My mom battling being sick and her day-to-day struggles. (Paulette George suffered a stroke and is paralyzed on her left side.) It always is something for me to really be grateful for; grateful for her making it through it. She had it a lot worse than I did. Not one day do I feel I'm on my own or in a dark place or do I even feel like I have it bad. What she went through makes it easy for me to fight.