Well Wishes Roll in for Leonard

by Conrad Brunner

December 16, 2003

Indianapolis, December 16, 2003
Pacers radio broadcaster and former coach Bob “Slick” Leonard is recovering from heart surgery after suffering what was termed a "heart episode" during the team's West Coast swing in Portland on Dec. 3. He has returned home and is recuperating. The legendary coach and Indiana University player has received more than 200 e-mails through Pacers.com from fans around the world.

Here are a few of the messages wishing “Slick” a speedy recovery:

Coach Leonard, I watched or listened to almost every game the Pacers played in the 1970's and got a lot of excitement and joy out of doing so. It's been my pleasure to be able to listen to you on the radio these last few years. It took me a while to be able to "accept" the NBA after our great ABA league but I finally made that transition. Still, it's great to hear you from the old days. Please get well soon and get back to where you belong! In my opinion you are one of the greatest coaches ever!

get well slick. i miss your BOOM-BABY. it gets to the point.

All of our thoughts and prayers are with you, and I wish you a speedy recovery. You mean so much to the Pacers organization, and all of the Pacers fans here in Indiana, and are such an integral part of Indiana Pacers history. I hope you can get back to the broadcasting table as soon as possible to enjoy the rest of this great season, the radio broadcast just isn't quite the same without you. Get well Slick.

Get that ticker back in shape for the playoffs, There are allot of us fans who appreciate listening to your color commentary on the radio. Not only that but mark needs to be put in check. I swear he's getting slow without you.

Get well soon! Am 44 years old, but when I was 10 I had new carpet put in my bedroom and picked Pacer Blue. I had heard that you all had it in your house. ;-)

hi, letting you know i am thinking of you. get well, we need you. i never liked basketball until my grandson explained the game to me, now i gota have it. i made it to one game, my son gave me tickets to hawks game last year for christmal. we love the game and we love you. Cathy

Hello Slick. It's good to hear you're gonna be ok. I miss you being away and look forward to your return. Having you sit along side Mark during broadcasts is like sitting on the bench. We are blessed with quite a broadcast team. I can only imagine that during a road trip, you get to visit with great friends you've made over the years. I can imagine too, their disappointment and concern whenever you aren't there. You are a Hoosier Treasure and a Basketball Icon. take care Sir.

Slick! We need ya back, STAT. The referees are getting away with too much garbage in your absence. Some body has to keep those jokers in line!

Hope this find you recovering nicely. I miss your smiling face on the side lines. Hurry up and come back to us. Pacer games just aren't the same without you.

Boom baby, come on slick buddy. We are all rooting for ya to get well soon. I miss your broadcasts and the team desperately misses you at the games. And we all know the Mark Boyle definately misses you, he's not the same without you offering your info on the game. Get well soon Slick, there isn't another person alive that personifies what Pacer's basketball is than you.

hey Mr. Slick, Get well, we miss those BOOM-BABY's!!! Callem get WELL-BABY's for you!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon. You are missed on the Pacers broadcasts. You are a great ambassador for Pacer basketball as well as Indiana basketball. Hurry back.

Hi , I’m Japanese Pacers fan “gonta”. I’ve recently heard WIBC live game. The Pacers couldn’t beat against CHICAGO on tonight’s game, because of 0-11 3p-field-goals-made. I thought it was possible , if you were well. It’s necessary to be well for REGGIE and the Pacers! I can’t catch and understand English well (I study English and American culture now.), but I can understand “BOOM BABY!”when (you’ve) got 3-pointer. I want to hear your “BOOM BABY !” as early as it possible. I believe you will be back. Please get well early.

Slick, Hey buddy! This is just a little note to let you know that Pacers fans all over Indiana are Praying & Hoping you will hurry and get back into the routine. What is the biggest reason we all miss you? Well, we do admire your expertise and analysis of the game but, I have to say that I miss the BOOM BABY!!!!!!! It seems so BLAHH when we hit the Trey and your not there to add that extra punch that you bring to the broadcast night in and night out! Mark does an excellent job as we all know, but you make the game so exciting!! We do wish you a speedy and healthy recovery.

Dear Bobby "Slick" Leonard: May the God bless you! Get well! Pei Fan Chiang, Taiwan, Republic of China.


Slick, I graduated from IU and loved to listen to you call the Pacer games. I now live in Orlando, FL and always come to watch the Pacers when they play the Magic. No matter where I am watching the Pacers when they step behind that 3 point line and nail a big shot, I yell "Boom Baby." That is a quick way to tell who else in the place is from Indiana. Broadcasts are not the same without your insight and enthusiasm. You are the best and I pray you get well soon. Here's hoping you have a courtside seat for the NBA Finals!! God Bless Slick!!

Seasons Greetings Slick; I have been a loyal Pacer fan since 1969 and I still remember stoping by the Team's Headquarters on 38th street. (It was located across from my grade school) I also take pride in participating in the fundrasier to keep the team here in Indy by going door to door t raise money! Thank you for all the great joy that you and the others helped bring this great city and may God continue to bless you and Nancy...........................and God bless the Indiana Pacers!

Dear Slick, I send you this e-mail, with warmest wishes for a quick recovery I want you to know that, I enjoy your company very much, although it is only on occassion, and through the television, your excitement always brings a huge smile to my face. I want you to get well soon, and I will be looking forward to seeing you again on T.V. rooting on our fabulous Indian Pacers! Take Care Slick, and have a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Please get well soon. Boom baby just used to be another goofy marketing t-shirt, now it's two of my favorite words on the radio!

We let people into our lives, even without knowing them on a personal basis. You are one of those people. I never shook hands with you, but when the Pacers play, you are a welcome guest in my house. I sincerely hope for a full recovery, and I will be praying for that. Come back quickly Slick. The broadcasts aren't the same without the "Boom Baby" accompanying the threes.

Slick, Good to see you getting the ticker fixed now, because at the end of the season with the Pacers in the NBA finals, you are going to need a strong heart. Get well soon and the next time the doctor puts that stethoscope on your chest yell out "Boom Baby".

Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hear you soon.

Coach Leonard - As a lifelong Hoosier and Pacer fan, you will always be the ultimate Pacer in my book. You are greatly missed on the radio broadcast. Best Wishes for the Holiday and get well soon!

Hey Slick, Hope this e-mail finds you doing well. I had a heart attack in January, and had a heart stent, at the age of 37. I had a lot of people take a lot of care for me and a lot of people, call to extend well wishes. I know how they can lift a persons spirits. Which is why I am writing to you now. I have been a Pacer fan all my life. I remember back to the ABA days , and collecting basketball cards. I remember just a few years back working for my local newspaper, and covering not only a few Pacer games a year, but also events such as charity golf outings. The reason I bring up those events, is an easy one. Because every time I walked by Bobby "Slick" Leonard at a game or a golf outing and extended my hand, he was extending his back. He had a story or a kind word. And your infectious smile. I don't see how anyone could be around you without having a smile on there face. I guess I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed being around you, when I have been fortunate enough to be. You are incredible, and I know you will overcome what your are dealing with right now. You are a strong man, and I look forward to seeing you the next time I am able to attend a Pacer game, because you are the Pacers for me. Get well soon.

Slick … speedy recovery!! It seems like the ole body doesn’t respond as quickly as it used to!! From one old jock to another ... kick it in the ass!!!! See you soon.