VIDEO 050124 jackson-artest

January 26, 2005

Jackson, Artest Return
Jan. 24, 2005 - Stephen Jackson will return to the Pacers' lineup Wednesday night in Boston, while Ron Artest returned to practice for the first time since he was suspended for the rest of the year by the NBA. Jackson and Coach Rick Carlisle express their thoughts in the following video clips. Artest was not available for comment. (Windows Media Player is required)
Rick Carlisle:
  • 300k
  • on the importance of getting Jackson back
  • on what it means for Artest to practice
  • on the team's opportunity in the coming weeks

    Stephen Jackson:
  • on how the suspension has changed him
  • on his support for Artest
  • on how he expects to help the team
  • on what the team needs to get over the hump