Transcript: David Padgett

David Padgett of Louisville.
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Workout transcript: June 16, 2008
6-11, 250, C, Louisville

Prospect Profile

Q. How was your workout?
A. “I think it went pretty well. It was good; we did a little bit of everything to see what everyone is all about. Coach O’Brien did a good job working us through and I think it went pretty well.”

Q. How was this workout similar or different than the other workouts you’ve done?
A. “A lot of them are similar; the drills just differ with a lot of one-on-one stuff and a lot of shooting. It’s been a lot of the same as most teams. It’s just a fun process and I’m enjoying going through it.”

Q. There were a lot of big guys here today…do you find yourself seeing some of the same faces at some of your workouts or is it different guys on different days?
A. “Actually for the most part it’s been different every day. I’ve run into more than once; but for the most part it’s different guys. It’s good to mix it up a bit.”

Q. You’ve played in this area and are familiar with the Pacers a little bit. Is this a place you could see yourself fitting in?
A. “Definitely. It’s close to what I call home, Louisville, it’s right up the street. And the Pacers are such a storied program, having Larry Bird as the President and Coach O’Brien, it would be a great team and I would love the opportunity to play here.”

Q. Is it difficult being a guy in the mock drafts? Do you follow them, not follow them? How do you take that as figuring out where you’re going to go and who’s looking at you?
A. “To be honest, I don’t really pay attention. It could change so much, you never really know what’s going to happen. It’s all projection. It’s good to be noticed, I guess, and you take that as a compliment; but at the same time you can’t really pay attention to it. You just have to wait for the draft.

Q. Do you have an expectation of where you think you will go or do you not really think about that too much?
A. “I really don’t think about it. I’m really just enjoying the opportunity that I have to do this. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and come June 26 we’ll find out what’s going to happen but until then I’m not really worried about it.”

Q. There are obviously skills that everybody knows that you have; but are there things that maybe people don’t think you have that you need to show in these workouts?
A. “The good advice that I got was ‘you just have to do what got you here.’ You don’t need to try and come in and do something you’re not capable of doing, because you’ll look bad. You just have to be who you are and do what you know how to do and do what made you successful to get here.