Transcript: Aleks Maric

Workout transcript: June 4, 2008
6-11, 275, C, Nebraska

Prospect Profile

Q. How do you feel about the prospect of playing for the Pacers?

A. “It’s a great organization, a lot of history, great coaches, great GM’s and I’d be very privileged and I’m working hard to get to the next level.”

Q. Were there any American teams you grew up watching or paying attention to?

A. “I’d probably say the Spurs to be honest. They are a fundamental basketball team. People say they are boring to watch but they just played a team game and I just like what they do.”

Q. Would you describe yourself as a fundamental player?

A. “Yeah, I’m not the greatest athlete with a 40-inch vertical. I just try to play a smart game.”

Q. Are there any players you looked up to?

A. “Being a Spurs fan, I watched Tim Duncan growing up. Vlade Divac is one of my all-time idols for the way he played the game. He wasn’t that athletic but he knew the game well.”