Transcript: Mike Green

Mike Green of Butler (Getty Images)
Workout transcript: June 19, 2008
6-1, 184, PG, Butler

Prospect Profile

Q. Tell us what you thought of the way you worked out today and how did it go?
A. “I think it went pretty well. Got a bunch of guys out here that are pretty good. We competed and we went hard. It’s coming down towards the end. I’ve been all around the country already and my legs are getting a little weary but I’m hanging in there.”

Q. What are you hearing as far as what teams think about you?
A. “I have great workouts. I have really good workouts. Teams don’t really like to reveal too much. I hear ‘Great job, keep working and we’ll be in touch with your agent,’ so I can’t really get all into that. I just work hard, go out there and give it my all.”

Q. What kinds of things do you want to show teams in these workouts that maybe you weren’t able to show during the college season?
A. “Definitely my ability to shoot the NBA three. I have been shooting it really well in my workouts. That’s pretty much all I need to show them. I’m a point guard at the purest form. If my shot isn’t falling, if I’m not scoring, I’m still a point guard. I’m out there, talking, communicating, starting defenses and starting the offense. That can’t go anywhere.”

Q. The Pacers are in need of a point guard and looking for one soon. Do you feel like this might be a nice fit if it works out?
A. Definitely. Coach O’Brien has always had good guards. They have guards here already. Like I said, my selling point is that I’m a point guard in it’s purest form. It’s my job to make my teammates better.”

Q. Is this a pressure packed situation? You said you’ve done a lot of these. Has it been tough?
A. “Yeah, definitely. Traveling. I have to go to Miami so I’m going all across the country but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I wouldn’t want to be home sitting around so this is great for me.”

Q. Mike, you obviously have a lot of great memories in Indianapolis. What would it be like to continue, go to the next level and stay here in the Circle City?
A. “That would be great. My dog is still in town. I haven’t had a chance to take her back so I wouldn’t have to take her back at all. That would be great. Butler isn’t too far from here and I know they’ll come out and support big time as they already are. It would be just home. I wouldn’t have to go anywhere.”

Q. Larry was talking about how these workouts are important to see up-close but they don’t put it all on that. A lot of it has to do with your body of work. How do you feel about that body of work that you put up at Butler?
A. “Great. I had a great couple teams, a great two years at Butler and teammates. I couldn’t ask for any more. It’s really rare to be around a great group of guys. It was a perfect fit for me.”

Q. Through the workout process and going up against a lot of high-quality point guards, has it certified in your mind that you really are an NBA player?
A. “Definitely. I never doubted it before but once I got into workouts with certain guys it made it more truer. Not to me, but to the people that are watching and observing. I feel like I can hold my own against anybody.”

Q. A handful of people have dropped out of the draft. What have you heard about your chances of being drafted?
A. “Me and my agent don’t talk much about things we can’t control. That’s something you can’t control so I spend no time worrying about it. I just go out there and give it my all.”

Q. This time next week, what do you think you’ll be doing?
A. “I have more workouts so I’ll be working out but my birthday is the 23rd, I can’t celebrate it because I have to work out. I’ll just get a chance to sit back and relax.”

Q. Where will you be when you watch the draft?
A. “Probably Philadelphia. Hopefully, I don’t have to work out the day of the draft. I just want to get back home with my family and sit and watch the draft.”

Q. How do you go about managing this whole process of working out and then going to get on a plane, new hotel, new city? It’s a little faster paced than college games or the NCAA Tournament. How do you handle the schedule and the grind, staying healthy and staying ready?
A. St. Vincent's did a great job with me. Coach Ed Schilling did a great job with me. He worked me out, prepared me for this long process. My body is holding up pretty well. This is my 14th workout. My agent deals with all the flights and what not so I’m really just getting places to eat good, resting and coming out and showing what I can do.”

Q. How many teams will you work out for by the time you’re all done?
A. “I get lost, man. Probably about eighteen or nineteen. It’s towards the end and I’m still standing so I’m going to give it a go.”

Q. What have you heard about your Butler experience? A lot of people talk about it a program as kids play the right way, they do the right things, they’re fundamentally sound. Have the NBA teams given you any feedback?
A. “That we’re a joy to watch. With a lot of guys, that’s kind of the theme. ‘Your team's a joy to watch, you had great runs.’ People see that. You play basketball the right way and people respect that. I thank Butler. I can’t thank them anymore than I have but I thank them for taking me in.”