Transcript: Wayne Ellington

Workout transcript: June 5, 2008
6-4, 200, SG, North Carolina

Prospect Profile

Q. Was there anything you wanted to show the Pacer organization especially in the work out?

A. “Nothing really specific, I just wanted to be myself. I’m sure teams have you come in and they’ve watched you and they know what you can do. I just wanted to be myself and have a great workout.”

Q. With the NBA and a lot of point guards doing really well, how do you see yourself with the Pacers in a point guard, up-tempo play?

A. “That’s the style of play I’m used to. Going to Carolina, that’s our pace. Up-tempo, can really get the ball up court, penetrate and make shots from the perimeter. Coach O’Brien really loves the three so I think I would fit in well.”

Q. Do you have any other workouts scheduled?

A. “I have a couple of days off and then I head to Cleveland.”

Q. Where did you workout before this?

A. “I just came from Toronto and (New) Jersey before this so I had three back-to-back (workouts) so it’s been pretty tough.”

Q. How was the Toronto workout?

A. “It was good. It was tough, a lot of perimeter guys. We went through that work out and it was tough but I think we had a good one overall.

Q. Who did you go against in that one and the one in New Jersey?

A. “In Toronto, I went against Courtney Lee (Western Kentucky), Jamont Gordon (Mississippi State), Danny Green (North Carolina), Shan Foster (Vanderbilt) and Malik Hairston (Oregon).”

Q. How did these two workouts differ – it seems like there were a lot of perimeter guys there – versus two-on-two here?

A. “It’s different. We did a lot of perimeter stuff. We didn’t have a big man to go against or throw it in to the post or anything like that. Basically, it was just one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three stuff and a lot of perimeter type stuff.”

Q. Are you getting a better feel for Courtney’s (Lee) game now that you’ve faced him a couple times?

A. “Actually, yeah now that this is my second time facing him. He’s a tough perimeter player. I think our games are a little similar, being smooth shooters and being team-type players but yeah, I’m getting a feel for him.”

Q. How do you stand out against a guy like that who is so much like you?

A. “You know what his strengths are since he’s kind of like you.”