Transcript: Jamar Butler

Ohio State point guard Jamar Butler (Getty Images).
Workout transcript: June 4, 2008
6-0, 185, PG, Ohio State

Prospect Profile

Q. On how playing both guard positions affected his game.
A. “It helped me and it hurt me. I got moved off the ball for a year and kind of wanted to play the point. It helped me because I’m going to have to play the two-guard a little bit and now I’m a combo guard and I could go either way.

Q. On how expectations affected his performance.
A. “To be a good point guard, run the team and get the ball where it needs to go and take shots when you’re open. I think it’s pretty much the same with every team and coming into the NBA everybody has to find their little niche and stick with it. That’s how guys stick around for awhile.”

Q. Is there anything particular that you feel you need to show in these workouts prior to the draft?
A. “I want to show that I can defend. All year at Ohio State we played zone. We didn’t play too much man to man, we had spurts here and there.”

Q. Is it a stressful for you when you go to these camps because sometimes that first impression is that last impression?
A. “I don’t think you can let that bother you. You come out and you start out a little sluggish, they want to see you not break down. I think that’s the main thing. As long as you know how to defend, and you give all your effort you’ll be fine.”

Q. When you talk to some of these teams, you’re older than a lot of these guys, you’re up to a four year player, do you look at that as an advantage?
A. “I think it depends on what the team is looking for.”