Transcript: Stanley Burrell

Workout transcript: June 4, 2008
6-3, 210, G, Xavier

Prospect Profile

Q. If you get called in the second round, would you be comfortable coming in and trying to earn the spot?

A. “Without a doubt, especially in my hometown. To have a chance to come here and play here at Conseco Fieldhouse, growing up watching the Pacers all these years, it would be a dream come true to be able to stay here and play for my hometown team.”

Q. What do you think of the Indianapolis talent in the draft (Courtney Lee, Eric Gordon)?

A. “I’ve been working out with Courtney Lee down at IMG and constantly talking about people overlooking us all the time and they don’t really talk about Indianapolis guys. We’re here, we have talent too and we’re looking forward to coming out and proving that we have the ability to play at this level. It’s just a matter of teams taking a chance and investing in guys that have great character, are going to come out and defend like crazy, be a great leader and do the right things for his team to help them win. So when that team takes a chance, I’ll be able to last in this league for a long time.”

Q. A lot of the young guys I’ve talked to down in Orlando have talked a lot about character as that is becoming more and more important. Is that a message you guys got from NBA people?

A. “It’s definitely important. Teams invest a lot of money into guys to play this game and you want to make sure your players are doing the right things once they leave the court and not have to worry about clubs, or doing things that are going to hamper their performance on the court. I know with me, I never missed a game in my entire career at Xavier. That’s a credit to doing the right things on and off the floor and coming in and working my butt off and committing to your team. I know I’ll do the same thing if I came here to Indiana. I would totally commit to the team and do whatever it took to get my team to the next level. I love the Pacers. It’s been kind of hard to watch them from Cincinnati and root for them like crazy and tell them how good they are. They’ve been struggling and I would love to be here and help them get back to those winning ways and help them get over the hump and be apart of the winning tradition again.”

Q. One of the things Coach O’Brien listed as a top priority is the team’s defensive focus on the perimeter. Do you feel like that’s right up your alley?

A. “Yeah, definitely this year becoming the defensive player of the year in the Atlantic-10 was all about coming out and getting stops, helping my team get stops. I knew at the end of the day defense wins championships. Winning championships three of my four years at Xavier was just a credit to us committing to the defensive end of the ball, knowing we had weapons that could score on the offensive end. Defense was going to be our niche and defense was going to carry us through. We made it all the way to the elite eight my final year and that was a credit to the defensive commitment that we had. I’m going to bring that same intensity to whatever team I’m drafted by. I would love to come here and play in Indiana. I would love to be here in my hometown. Things will work out at the end of the day. I know whatever team takes a chance on me, I know I’m going to do the best that I can, commit totally for my team and do whatever it takes to get them over the hump.”

Q. Are teams telling you that you need to be a point guard or are they telling you that you just need to be a guard?

A. “Yeah, I’m just a guard. I can score, I can make plays for my teammates and I can definitely defend like crazy. I’m a good guy off the court too and that’s really big these days. I never missed a game in my entire college career and it was a credit to doing the right stuff on and off the court. I’m looking forward to coming back to my hometown hopefully and playing for the Pacers, getting them back to their winning ways again.”

Q. Do you think it helped being a four-year player?

A. “Certainly and having the coaching staff that I had that helped me develop. Coming in the first two years, being the leading scorer for my team. Coach asked me ‘What’s going to help you get to the next level, are you just going to constantly take shots all the time?’ No. My niche is going to be playing defense, being steady with the ball, being a good guy on and off the court and being somebody that’s going to come in and work like crazy to help his team win.”