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Reggie Ready To Pass 3-Point Crown to Allen

by Conrad Brunner || Caught in the Web Archive

February 9, 2011

Tireless worker. First one on the court, last one off. Never satisfied. Leads by example.

Reggie Miller. Ray Allen.

Small wonder Miller has no problem passing his NBA 3-point crown to Allen, as the two followed the same grueling path to the mountaintop.

"Look, all records are made to be broken," said Miller on NBA TV's Game Time earlier this week. "People say, 'Aren't you a little upset or hurt?' Absolutely not. … The guy is showing up 3-4 hours before tip, he stays late after practice to get his shots in. These are things people really don't see, the common person does not get a chance to witness. …

"I hope there are young kids out there that are watching our network or ESPN or whatever it may be and they're going to see when the record goes down but they're going to have to understand how long and how hard Ray took this path to get to this record, the time in the gym, staying late, that's what I appreciate about it. That's why I have no qualms about it at all because I know how much time and sweat and late hours he put into the gym to get to where he is."

With 2,559 career 3-pointers made, Allen is one behind Miller and almost certainly will pass him Thursday night when the Celtics host the Lakers. As fate would have it, the game is televised by TNT and Miller will be in attendance as one of the analysts.

"At times you hear players and announcers talk about the ‘basketball gods’ (and I think) there is such a thing," said Miller on TNT's All-Star conference call Tuesday. "We had this game on the schedule for Steve (Kerr) and I to call months ago. Now who would’ve thought that it would come down to Ray Allen being able to tie and break the record in our presence? "

Miller said he and Allen share more than work ethic and prolific 3-point shooting.

"Our 3-point shooting really set up the rest of our game," he told Game Time. "Defenses had to play us obviously out to the arc but it was really, to me, my mid-range game that was probably more dangerous than my 3-point shot. Yeah, I made a lot of big threes throughout my career but it was the 3-point shot that allowed me to maneuver inside the paint, post-up, mid-range game and so forth.

"That's what made Ray so dangerous. And look how he has evolved his game. He was the man in Milwaukee and Seattle. He comes to Boston and really the focus is Paul Pierce is your closer, K.G. is your defensive stopper and Ray, we'll run a couple of players for you here and there. He had to kind of change his game a little bit but to me he's been one of the most consistent players since the big three arrived in Boston."

This much is for sure: we won't be seeing this record fall again any time soon. Among active players, the only guy with a shot is 31-year-old Rashard Lewis (1,667), who could approach the mark if he stays healthy and productive for five more seasons.

Of course, there's one other challenger on the horizon. Danny Granger just became the only Pacers player besides Miller to make at least 100 from the arc in five straight seasons, and had more in his first five seasons than Miller (651 to 550).

Now, if he can only match Miller's streak of 15 straight seasons with at least 100, we can have this discussion again in a decade.

Better put the reminder in my cell phone now.