Reading TimeOuts Begin 12th Year

by Jeff Tzucker

Reading TimeOuts Begin 12th Year

September 5, 2012

The goal of this program is to encourage today’s youth to embrace a life-long love of reading, through a fun and interactive experience at your school.

As part of this free program, members of the Indiana Pacers All-Star Reading Team will visit your school for a Reading TimeOut featuring interactive reading stations. Each Reading TimeOut lasts approximately one hour and is targeted to students between Kindergarten and 3rd grade.

A. Guest Readers

Members of the Pacers All-Star Reading Team will visit your school and read to a select group of students (maximum of 175).

*Please note that, due to the team’s game, practice and travel schedule, members of the Indiana Pacers team are not available to attend.

B. Participants

A maximum of 175 students, ranging from K-3rd grade, are eligible to participate. Participants can be a mixture of these grades or all one grade; however, we can not exceed 175 students.

C. Additional Surprises

All participating students will be eligible for the Pacers raffle, where they have the opportunity to win Pacers items including t-shirts, backpacks, basketballs and more!

In addition, all participating students will receive a Pacers Reading Pack which includes a Pacers backpack, READ Poster, Bookmark and their very own Scholastic book.

D. Requirements

The Indiana Pacers will provide all items for the reading timeout including books, prizes, Reading Packs, etc.

The school is asked to provide

  • A location for the event (gym, cafeteria or library works best)
  • Eight (8) Chairs available for the guest readers.
  • Microphone (wireless if possible)

E. Cost

This event is free to your school!

If you are interested in the Pacers Reading Team visiting your school, simply fill out the form below! If you have any additional questions regarding the Reading TimeOut Program, contact Kelli Towles, Director of Community Relations at

The Reading TimeOut Program is limited to the first 50 schools to register, so sign-up today and be part of the fun! Please note that only one reading timeout will be scheduled per school. Reading TimeOuts are scheduled on a first come-first serve basis.

Update: All dates have been filled for this year. Thank you for your interest and be sure to check back next year!