Pacers Plus-Minus 2006-07

A tool used by coaches for years, plus-minus is essentially the same as the statistic used to measure player performance in hockey. It has nothing to do with individual statistics. It is tied exclusively to a team's performance. While a player is on the floor, we record the score differential in terms of a gain (plus) or loss (minus). For example, if Player A enters the game with the score tied and leaves with the Pacers ahead by 6, he gets a Plus 6. Conversely, if he enters with the Pacers ahead by 12, and leaves with a 6-point lead, he gets a Minus-6. Those figures are compiled for every rotation of every player in every game. Presented below are the cumulative season plus-minus figures for each player as well as the team average, which makes it easier to see who is performing above - or below - the norm.