Parks and Recreation Star Submits Audition Video for Area 55 Season 3

by Jeff Tzucker

August 23, 2012

Will Area 55 Season 3 have some star power this year? and Area 55 just received an audition video entry from Ben Schwartz (imdb page) of NBC’s hit sitcom, Parks & Recreation. Mr. Schwartz plays the character Jean-Ralphio who is best buds with Tom Haverford (played by comedian Aziz Ansari).

Hibbert, who has made two well-received appearances on Parks and Recreation, has since become friends with Mr. Schwartz.

Mr. Schwartz also co-stars on the Showtime comedy "House of Lies" alongside Don Cheadle.

It seems the big question is: Will he make it to the Area 55 Season 3 audition finals? Watch for yourself and decide.

You can submit your audition video either by upload or by submitting a YouTube URL.